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Don't forget that not all Trigpoints have access to them. Thats what the unreachable but visible log is for. Its your call how you log it, I wont be deleting your log :(


However, I tend to get to most of the ones I log, it can make it more fun.

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Don't forget that not all Trigpoints have legal access  to them. Thats what the unreachable but visible log is for.  Its your call how you log it, I wont be deleting your log  :(

At CLRC Daresbury Laboratory, where the incident occurred there was no indication that this was Private property, It was on a Public Road, with no fence Gate or visible security. But we were informed that visiting the Location was prohibited. I made this clear in my Trigpointing Log. But if anyone does fancy a night in a Military Police cell feel free to visit.




Edit : Link to log added CLRC Daresbury

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Great replies so far. I normally do walk to the trigs, just today I was driving past and saw one a few hundred yards on top of a small hill. I would have stopped and walked to it but the drivers behind me might not like trigpoints the same as me, and I could not see another way to it. I will leave it for now and see if there is a way to it next time I'm passing as it is not that far from where I live.


Just wondered what the general opinion is?

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I work on the basis that I should touch it.


I will make exceptions though - If I can see it, but need to walk over/through a crop to get there I'll claim it without walking through the crops. If I can see it, but I'd clearly be unwelcome getting from there I am to the trig I'll log it as unreachable. If I can't see it, and it is unreachable I don't log it. I don't count a missing trig as missing until I've looked myself.


Just seeing it, for instance, from the car - I wouldn't count that, although if you do, fine, as long as you don't overtake me on the table!, bear in mind that the chances are on you'd be able 2 - 6 other trigs from the one you are at, so on a clear day with a pair of binoculars you could get some serious numbers done if seeing it was the only criteria.


Why do them - there is a radius around my house where caches are thin on the ground. So, I get the trigs as well. Sometimes it's fun for a change, there is almost always a good and sometimes unexpected view from a trig.

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I went for one a couple of months ago and it turned out to be in the middle of one of the thickest thickets I have seen. I scrabbled around for quite a while but never actually set eyes on it. When I looked at the GPSr log it was evident I had been all round it.

Sad I could not log it as it is a YOSM! :lol:

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