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Missouri Geocoin

GEO*Trailblazer 1

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I like it, and I would like a couple, but I don't understand the "Say's" part of it. Does that stand for something? Geocaching club or something?

Missouri the Show Me State Says

Geocache Missouri (next line on the picture)

I think part of the query/concern is that "Say's" is incorrect, maybe it's a typo.


Should be "says" without apostrophe. :lol:


I would suggest making this grammatical correction before minting. I used to live in Missouri, wouldn't want others to think the residents don't know their English! :lol:

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I like it, and I would like a couple, but I don't understand the "Say's" part of it. Does that stand for something? Geocaching club or something?

Well that could make for a very long discussion.

If you check the journals of Lewis and Clark,the grammatical portion will amaze you.

Clark say's the land is high rich on the LB side


Course & Destance June 1St

Pole Star symbol's magnetic Azimuth by Circumfetr. N. 7° W.


It may also have a little to do with this.


This simple insight was encapsulated by the classical economist Jean-Baptiste Say, who expressed this to the effect that Supply creates its own Demand. Or, to put it in colloquial English, "You want some of these here beans? What you got in yer wagon to trade fer 'em?"


We will change the beans to coins.




Without question, the one thing for which Say is best known is "Say's Law," also referred to as his theory of markets (la theorie des debouches) or law of markets (loi des debouches). This principle was, and still is, one of the key building blocks of the classical school of economics. It remains, in some guise or other, essential to any defense of free markets. Moreover, all collectivists attempt to refute it in the course of their assault on liberty and the free society. And yet, some writers have questioned the profundity of Say's Law. Alexander Gray refers to "this theory, which perhaps does not come to much." Even Murray Rothbard calls it a "relatively minor facet of his [say's] thought."


But then again it ain't Art unlessn it has one happy accident.

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Because I am a member of the Tri States Geocachers as well.

Which are those 3 states.


The icon is for the other group the Ozark Mountin Geocachers

So, does that mean that this is a personal geocoin?


It is the first trackable Missouri State coin.

A part of our geocaches and geocachers are in these states as well.

We have members in the ARK-MO Geocachers from these states and many others.


It was our way to help recognize 2 small groups that can't get a coin done for all of us.


And if you watch real close soon one of these States is releasing their State trackable coin as well.


When and if my personal coin comes out it will not be for sale.

Trade and geocaches only.


If any proceeds are made on our part all of it will be used for geocaching events and to purchase coins to give away at our events.

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It is just for this state.Missouri.

By Missourian's for Missourian's and the World of geocaching.


Because I recognize other states,and Missouri groups should not be a factor.

It should be recognized.


That is a part of our geocaching Mission Statement.

To recognize and to better communicate between groups and other Geocachers.


I asked in ALL the Groups from Missouri and the others about doing a State Coin and have yet to hear but 1 thing.

That is it should be done by a Missouri Group.

And all I's saying you go do it for us.


Ark-Mo Geocachers is in and from Missouri.

Some of the members live in other states and have been members since 2003.

If you remember back then groups were formed out of posts made right here in the forum about getting local groups together.

SLAGA was one.




Then slowly the other KC and MO-GEO

And a new one The Bootheel geocachers,I think.


I asked and asked for help doing it and did not get a real response so we decided to go for it.

In fact I was asked in one group forum to refrain from speaking about it.

People say they will help but when it comes right down to it very few come through.

Or have another agenda.

I know you all know exactly what I mean.


I personally have put it all on the line to get this done the only way I could.

If you would like to formally get together and do a Missouri State Coin that would be fine with me.Because it is a task to get it done,did I do this, did I do that,did I get it right,...I hope they all sale...what if they don't.I am eating PB&J now what will I do go to beans...hey got beans in that thar wagon I'll trade for a coin.

E-mail me.


Thanks to the great help of a coin maker.

And for the help from another Texas Geocacher.

And ...see to get all this on a coin would be impossible.

I like recognizing people who have helped me.

If they would like their name's placed here they can e-mail me.

They know who they are.

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For the History buffs.


Has more to do with the MISSOURI-LOUISIANA TERRTORY than the slavery.


We have struck a compromise on the geocoin.

It appears a lack of communications has caused the masses to move.


I am glad to and will be releasing this as a Group...(AK-MO GEOCACHERS),

but still a Missouri trackable geocoin.

This to clear up any confusions or mis-understandings.

I can not change the name.

It has already been sent in and will be named on the coin

Missouri Geocoin.


The "OFFICIAL STATE GEOCOIN" is now in the works.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.

But a line of communications has been created a GOOD THING.

More than you know.It is needed in all facets of our daily lives.


I hope this makes those who were un happy HAPPY.

It is all for the good of GEOCACHING.


More to come.




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