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Best Gps For Geocaching, And Driving Directions?


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i've read the posts suggesting different machines. i'm particularly looking for a new, Inexpensive GPS to go geocaching anywhere, and one that will provide me with driving directions in the united states. if you list a couple, please tell me what you think a good price would be for the GPS. thanks SO much. friends of ours turned us on to this sport and we fell in love!! now we need the GPS!!! please email me at skreporter@hotmail.com


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The GPS V is the cheapest unit that will do the job, and do it well, but for not too much more money, you can get a Garmin Quest that adds a color screen, spoken directions when mounted in the car, much faster processor for quick route calculations, much more memory for map storage, usb interface for fast data transfer, built-in long lasting Li ion battery, lighter weight, better external antenna jack, and probably a few more advantages. Current CitySelect maps are included, as in the V. People who haven't used one for caching may tell you it is not a good choice, but don't believe them. It is light, easy to use, accurate, and waterproof.

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Legend C.


Over the GPS V: 5.5 oz v 9; 32hr battery life on 2AA v 25hr on 4AA; 24mb v 19; color screen v gray; and USB v serial.


The Quest costs about 70% more. The lithium-ion battery is rated 20hrs, but it's internal. That is, you can't swap it out for a fresh battery - not good for long hikes.


Yes, you gotta buy the optional software to benefit from the unit's auto-routing capabilities. A navigation kit runs for about $140 and includes mapping software, DC adapter, and three types of mounting adapters (bean bag, windshield, and semi-permanent adhesive mounts).

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