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Wyoming Coin!


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If the other threads in the geocoin forums are read, I believe it isn't JUST <name removed by moderator> that has complained. I have several KV coins in my possession and I don't believe that the mistakes made on them came from the USPS or UPS. There will be positive and negative remarks regarding every company, it is part of the business. People have to make decisions regarding what they want and history plays a part in that.

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Alright gang, this has gotten off-topic a bit.

This thread is not about bashing any company or a person.


Feel free to post updates about when these coins are available, etc. but please refrain from further comments (bad or good) about the company in question.


The point has been made:

- The person amking this coin is unhappy with the service

- Others have not had problems


Point taken. Back on the topic of the coins themselves please.


And, please refrain from using actual names in the posts.



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The following comments are just my "Humble Opinion"....take then with a grain of salt...


Seems to me...and I posted this earlier today...the responsibility lies on the person packaging the shipment to assure it will survive the rigors of others whom they cannot control. The vendor in question seems to think that they are not responsible for their sloppy packaging methods...and continued to try and put the blame on the USPS...let's get real folks.


If this is the type of treatment that this particular vendor gives to their customers orders, then YES, I think they should be pointed out as being irresponsible...and should be held accountable....and people SHOULD be warned.


And yes, it IS the "end of the world" when you've collected money and tried to make reasonable promises to folks expecting delivery of goods within a reasonable time. We all KNOW it takes some time to produce these Geo-Gems....we are NOT stupid.....and yes, everyone has a "Bad Hair Day" on occasion. This just smacks of "we've got a whiner here....let's try and quiet him down".....


I appreciate the comments and warnings about particular vendors...how else are we to make intelligent decisions? I also appreciate that there are those who have had "pleasant" experiences...but, I have been watching these discussions for quite some time now, and DO have an opinion...let it be heard, please.

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