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Wyoming Coin!


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The Wyoming coins have been shipped to me and I should have them by the end of the week. I will keep you posted as to when they get here. I also got this picture of one today...




I hope that eveyone likes them... I'm sorry for the long wait, but I refuse to put a lesser quailty coin out there. I have started work on my personal coin, which will NOT be presold and there will be NO preordering either, so stay tuned...

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I like the cowboy but the other side doesn't really do anything for me. I would have prefered the design that was originally posted. :mad:

you remember the other side? :(




this one looks real nice, i actually like both sides. can't wait to get mine in pre-arranged trade (missed the ordering).



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I like the cowboy but the other side doesn't really do anything for me.  I would have prefered the design that was originally posted.  :D

ladeBear68, I'm sorry to hear that you don't care for the new design, but if you go outside and find some dog poo, that is what the orginal design looked like, trust me, you would have dis-liked that even more.




Good news: Half(it's in two boxes) of the order came in yesterday, which only had the bronze coins in it, I won't send any coins out until I have the entire order here.


Bad news: The boxs that came in yesterday was broken open and I have no idea if any coins fell out, I don't think that any did, because when counted, it came out to an even number, but there is no way to tell, because there was no packing slip for that box.


I have a really bad feeling that the second box also broke open and that may be why I don't have it yet. Here are some pictures.





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I'd be raising quite a stink at the post office.....and your supplier for using the crappy box. Hopefully they are all accounted for, and hope that you are able to get them out soon. I know you've had a heck of a time,

Thanks for the support, I just hope that people understand that I now have to wait and find out where and what is up with the other box. The other box has all the pewter and some of the bronze. If the other box isn't bigger, than I don't know how that will have the rest of the coins in there. As, this box was just under half of the coins, but it was stuffed full. If there are coins missing, then I will have to go through all the coins and check every tracking number to try and get the new ones made.

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OK, I wasn't going to do this but I'm so mad right now that I could spit.




I just got off the phone with them, try to find out where the second box of coins is. Come to find out the second box is smaller then the first one, and it contains NO pewter. I was than told the pewter has not even shipped to me yet. I talked to Ken at KV coins, and mentioned this email from his employee:


Hi Ross,


Your full order will be completed and mailed out Jan 24th. If you have any other questions let me know.





And all I get is a sorry, I told him that I wanted the pewter coins overnighted to me, so I guess that I will have to wait and see what happens now. I am very very sorry to everyone that is waiting for this coin. I can make you this promise, I will never ever use KV coins again.. My next coin is underway, and will go on sale once I have the coins in hand.

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And yet another KV nightmare story to add to the ever-growing list. The sooner everyone stays clear of them for good, the better.


Actually, those of us who have been around the block with coins for a bit know that mentioning KV is almost a unified understanding that there will be probelms and there will be delays. It's not your fault. I'm just sorry you have the stress of learning to steer clear of them the hard way.


You'll get the coins... eventually. Even if they have to remint them again (that's happened before, so don't laff <_< )

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Also, looking at the pictures of the box that has ripped open, it doesn't have any marks on it to show that nylon binding straps might have been used to prevent something like this from happening in the first place. How much extra for two little nylon straps?....... :D

Big JohnP


That is correct, no nylon straps. This is the weskest service I have received from any place of business, and I've eaten at McDonalds.... They are now refusing to inform me what is going on with the remainder of the coins, and they are claiming it's not their problem once they mail them. I went to the post office(just to find out the process of filing a claim), and only person that can file a claim is the sender. And this is the only answer I get "You will get your coins… be patient." Then don't tell me that you going to ship the full order one day, and then ship part of the order 3 days after that. :(:):grin::grin: That's it,, I'm going caching......

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Sorry to read about your troubles with the people minting your coin.

I know you are busy but, can I ask if there is any of those nice coins still left?

Once you get everything straightened out, if there are any left I would like two.


Good Luck



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They gave me a shipping number the day they shipped two boxes to me! One box arrived in two day, the other box says that it still hasn't left San Antonio, TX. Their plan for rectifing the situation it to make a claim on the insured package on the 9th, then once they have the money from the post office, the will remint the coins. Meaning another 4 to 6 weeks, before I get the rest of the coins. Personal I think they should have done something about the missing box a week ago, and I am not real happy with their answers, but they say that they don't owe me anything because their disclaimer says that they aren't responsible for packages lost in the mail. So, tomorrow, I will be calling the SAPD and the creditcard company...

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Actually, if they are trying to make a claim on an insured package from the USPS, they are looking at more like 6 months before the claim is actually paid if it's paid at all. This is why the USPS "insurance" is basically worthless.


It's fairly obvious by the box that you did receive that the company doing the coins did a poor job of packaging. That isn't the USPS's fault. This is probably also why the other box was lost. The company who did the coins should mint the rest right away and then they should wait for their money from the USPS. It's the right thing to do.


Just my $.02

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We are determined to sell the best quality/lowest priced coins,

key chains, and similar products… ensuring 100% customer satisfaction!

Straight off KV's website


Obviously this is getting out of hand!

They certainly DO NOT practice what they advertise!!!


I do plan on sending them a message (Info@KVCoins.com), with a link to this page, detailing my thoughts and future plans on NOT using their company for ANY coins I have made; including the ones I have made for my Squadron and Flight. If they want to be this way perhaps another customer of theirs should be alerted, the Military that buys their challenge coins from them!



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I can feel your pain, but I too recently purchased coins from KV, and I never had any problems. Mine arrived in the same type box you have shown in the pics. Mine were 2 days early and the box was without a scratch. I think the USPS is part of the problem. BTW I plan to use KV again for my next coin.

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Mine were 2 days early and the box was without a scratch. I think the USPS is part of the problem. BTW I plan to use KV again for my next coin.


You're one of the rare good examples. Wyoming is just another in a long line of KV screw-ups including AL 2005 and TN 2005. Those had problems with their order in one way or another also.

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Has anyone noticed problems or flaws with their AL coins? The sides of some of my coins have drippings on them, they aren't smooth. Some of the coins aren't even round and part of the wording was pressed together. This is no offense to Radnax and others because they did a great job but KV coins is not a company I would ever use.

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I have never used them, I backed out and let them have my money because of the lack of customer service. It was taking weeks for them to answer my emails so I switched companys. I do have friends that have and I was forwarded this email from one of them:


Hello All - I emailing previous Geo Coin customers asking for your help.


KV Coins has an "impossible to please" customer making a huge stink on the

Geo Forum website - which has turned into an avalanch of negative comments

about KV Coins - almost all of of which are based on rumors and

speculation. If you can post some postive comments about your

experience from KV Coins - it would be GREATLY appreciated!




We had to post comments like this last year - when we had another hard

to please customer that felt it was their duty to destroy us. Needless

to say - we've made dozens of Geo Coins since then - and hope to continue

providing High Quality Low Cost items for years to come.

Thank You


I've got a statement typed out - which I would like to post on the Geo

Forum - but I haven't been able to post it. I signed up with the

Groundspeak website - but I have to wait 24 hours before I can post

anything... any advice or recommendations on how I can overcome this would

also be much appreciated.


Thanks Again


Ken Davis

Co-Owner, KV Coins

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I'd hardly say WYlostinMA is impossible to please. That email is BS. While there are coins that KV has done a very nice job with (Lori Darlin & KentuckyGirls), the number of geocoins with problems or a poor quality final product far outweighs the few bright spots. Think about it, have you ever seen a post in here where someone was complaining about Coins and Pins? I know I haven't.

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Looking at the box in the picture, it would appear that your issue would be with the USPS. Since, after all, the box is from the USPS and it was being shipped by the USPS. I don't believe the USPS would accept a box that was ripped open, hence, the damage happened after KV Coins had put it in their hands.


As for a smear campain, mentioned by another cacher, isn't this string exactly that? A smear campaign.


Does the coin look good? I think so, others have stated the same, so I guess KV Coins does good work.

Did they ship the coins? You said yourself that you were given 2 tracking numbers. One was delivered, the second, now where was that one, oh yeah, with the USPS.


As for the matter of the coins you did or did not receive, the people reading these forums have got no clue of any conversations between you the purchaser and KV Coins, the minter. So, really, all those voicing opinions are wrong in doing so.


I ordered coins from KV coins. We went through every coin, and every tracking number. Which you should do no matter what condition the box is in. By printing out the labels, if these are trackable, and sticking that label on each coin. You can be assured that each coin is in good condition and present. If you find coins that are missing or not correct, due to color or molding or whatever, you can contact KV Coins and I am sure they would be replaced. We received the replacements for missing coins in about a week. And the one special coin we ordered, they redid it completely and made changes with no additional cost. Just for the record, I plan on using them again.


In my opinion, this string needs to be stopped here. And moderators of this forum site should stop any string where a cacher starts saying negative things about companies or other cachers. This is a public site, for these type things, maybe you should create another site, and do your speaking your mind there. This is not the place for these type campains.



of Racer and Boo

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I'm not complaining about the torn box, and as far as I can tell, there were no coins missing from it. I'm complaining about fact that it has been two weeks since both boxes where shipped from San Antonio, TX. One got here in two day, the other tracking number says that it's still in San Antonio, TX. That sounds a little fishy to me.

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The company that I use has the best shipping method I have EVER seen. They are not coins just thrown into a priority box. They put the coins in seperate labeled boxes and then put those into another bigger box togather. Then there is tie straps around that box. I also love the fact it's overnight delivery from Fed-Ex.


I am not wanting to join in here, I did think that the email should be known about so I posted it. There is always to sides to every story and when KV Coins is able to post here then I am sure we will hear the other side. Until then I think the coin does look good and I can not wait to get mine once everything is figured out.

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"In my opinion, this string needs to be stopped here. And moderators of this forum site should stop any string where a cacher starts saying negative things about companies or other cachers."


I absolutely disagree with this statement. How can people know anything about the companies that produce geocoins without some form of open discussion. Why would I want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on personal coins and have the quality of the coin be unacceptable or the customer service be poor. I am personally disappointed with several coins from KV coins and the quality of the work I have personally seen is poor. The AL coins are just one example. I also have LoriDarlin coins and like them but I won't give one dime for my personal coins to be made by KV coins.


In the case of the Wyoming coins, it has been more than just shipping and it is interesting to see that KV coins labels him as a problem customer and attempts to smear him by sending out private emails.

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It surely looks like from the photos, that the box WAS overloaded. Those USPS boxes are not made to hold 25-30 pounds (my estimate) of coins....especially just loose packed. The shipper was clearly trying to cut costs on the shipping by using a "Flat Rate" box and loading it to the gills. All it would have taken is to be dropped from a table or out of the back of the truck to cause that damage.


When I had my coins made, they were shipped all the way from China in a heavy-duty carton....nylon-strapped....and consisted of smaller boxes inside of it....all minimizing the possible damage due to a sudden shift in weight. The coin minter charged an appropriate amount for shipping and made sure that they were packaged to make it to their destination.


The liability IS on the shipper to make sure their packaging methods will sustain the very probable rough handling the package will receive on its journey. The best "insurance" when it comes to shipping coins is to use some common sense. I don't blame WLIM at all for being very disappointed in this vendor.

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snowmann here, I had my coins made by KV coins. So I'll have to add my two cent to this discussion. When I first planed to have some coins made I was referred to KV coins, I did some asking around I heard some good and some bad.


But this can be found about any company you use. I contacted KV coins with a rough idea of what I wanted done, I have NO ability to draw so I was going to have to rely on the manufacturer to do the artwork.


I faxed a terrible drawing that I did and out of that they sent me a rough draft by e-mail. I'll tell you that I kept the draft they sent and moved forward to have them minted in Pewter and in full color. I was contacted twice by KV coins to confirm the colors I wanted to make sure I was gitting what I wanted.


I was contacted for the third time and asked if I'd like a sample coin. Which they mailed to me about two weeks later. The coin I received was what I wanted. I called KV coins and requested the full order.


I received my order about three weeks after my sample coin. You can see a photo of the coins they designed and made for me. under my profile at Geocaching.com



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The Wyoming coins have been shipped to me and I should have them by the end of the week. I will keep you posted as to when they get here. I also got this picture of one today...


(image removed)


I hope that eveyone likes them... I'm sorry for the long wait, but I refuse to put a lesser quailty coin out there. I have started work on my personal coin, which will NOT be presold and there will be NO preordering either, so stay tuned...


Nice! :)

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Here is my two and 1/2 cents:


I have used KVcoins to make the 2005 California Geocoin. I think they did a fantastic job on rendering both sides of the coin. I am extremely please about the back side of the coin with the gold miner. I ordered 2005 geocoins from them in two different batches. I received the first batch no problem. The second batch was delayed because KVcoins noticed that the engraving of the numbers was not completed on the coins, so they went through the whole batch and verfied the coins before sending....that is customer service! They notified me with updates throughout the whole process.


I have used other companies:


Pressed Metal in Canada and am currently working with coinsandpins.com for the earth coin as well as the final Ca geocoin. they have both have their ups and downs. you just have to understand that there are things that you and your manufacturer cannot control....postal service and ups.


PS: The Wyoming coin looks GREAT!

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In order to provide the other side to the story here is KVcoins response to the posting of their last email:


Hello All - one of you forwarded my email requesting assistance to <name removed by moderator> (see email below)... not sure why you would do that - but I think the Geo Community deserves to hear the "whole story" about Ross's unhappiness with KV Coins - here you go...



<Name removed by moderator> has promised people coins by a certain date - didn't get the coins as a result of the US Post Office misplacing his package - and now he is trying to slander our reputation to save his own.



Evidently he was selling coins he didn't have - and since one of the boxes we mailed him was lost by the USPS - he is attempting to make KV Coins look bad - so that he won't.



His coins were mailed – and he received 2 of 3 boxes… the first box was damaged – by the United States Postal Service = Not Our Fault. The third box is late – apparently lost… again, by the USPS, again not our fault.



It is too soon for us to file a claim to search for his missing package – we are required to wait 14 days – until 9 Feb. Ross had the option to pay for rush shipping (which would guarantee the delivery date) he declined… he never even told us he had a specific suspense date until after one of the boxes of coins turned up missing in the USPS system. We’ve made it clear to Ross that his package has left San Antonio – We have proof that it was mailed – It is Insured – and it will be recovered… or the coins will be remade:



1. We will file a voucher for the lost coins if they don’t show up by 9 Feb.

The post office requires us to wait 14 days – until 9 Feb.


2. We will remake the lost coins and ship them to him as quickly as possible.


Production & Delivery will be approx 4 weeks



When it was clear his coins were arriving late - we offered to help <Name removed by moderator> sell the coins – using our online website… but nothing we said or offered (including discounts on future orders) have made him happy - his only goal now is too make us look bad - so that he won't look bad. He’s attacking our credibility and trying to destroy our reputation… based on a mistake of the USPS.



Those of you with experience in the sells business (custom made products) know that for every 100 satisfied customers, you always have a small percentage of customers that are going to complain about something – it’s the reality of sells – and All Coin Companies have some customers that complain about something. The reason KV Coins is being slandered so badly in the Geo Forums – is because we have so many Geo Customers – and the folks with positive experiences haven’t spoken up. Our only problem is that our satisfied customers – which are the Far Greater Majority – aren’t speaking up on our behalf. The sad part is that a lot of the negativism I’m reading on the forum is from people that have never bought from us before! I’m amazed that Geo Cachers that have never purchased products from us are chiming in with negative comments based on rumors or stories they’ve heard from other people – hear say.



I feel sorry for <Name removed by moderator>... after numerous emails trying to reason with him and explain to him that a late package of coins isn't the end of the world - and telling him the KV Coins would bend over backwards to help him recover and fix the lost package dilemma - he has refused to handle this in a rational manner. He demands a solution everyday – when he knows we can’t file a missing package form at the post office until 14 days have passed. His latest threating email (below) completely ignores the fact that our hands are tied. The worst part is that he is posting his irrational/misdirected anger towards us on the Geo Forum. <Name removed by moderator> seems hell bent on proving that his life's destroyed because the Post Office hasn't delivered his coins yet... and somehow KV Coins is responsible – which is completely false.



We offered to help him any way we could - but he isn't interested... he would rather slander our reputation to save his own.



I feel sorry for him.



PS: Whomever sent the last email to him can feel free to forward this email to him also.



Ken Davis


Co-Owner, KV Coins

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