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Cito Month?


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Geocaching is pretty controversial in the ADK park (where I live), so our local org, Northern New York Geocachers (NNYGeo), is thinking about hosting a CITO event each weekend in April to maximize positive exposure for geocaching in the area.


Different members of the org will be hosting clean-ups in their favorite spots around Northern New York...campsites, boatlaunches, parks, picnic spots, etc.


Does anybody have experience with multiple events, and advice on how to make them work?



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Step one is to scout your 4 locations. Second, make a list of target areas in each of those locations. Write up a proposal for cleanup volunteering and direct it at the park manager or the park volunteer coordinator. Tell them who you are and what you want to do. I made sure to mention that you will be bringing about 100 people each time. That normally makes them pay attention. Ask them if they can provide any materials such as gloves and trash bags.


Beyond that, be creative. :)

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Thanks for the advice, and for the link...looks like a great event!


I've got a good working relationship with the forest ranger in the area that my event will be in, and know the area supervisor so that others can make contact with the appropriate rangers for their events.


I would love to get 100 people, but I think that 10-15 for each of our events will be a more realistic estimate...although we gathered a couple of hundred ponds of crap at this cito event last year, which was attended by about 15 people (and covered by local TV and newspaper).


Thanks again for the link to that great event...I'll use that as a model.



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