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Bookmark Lists And Caches Which Have Changed Names


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I'm glad that the bookmark lists don't automatically force the names to be identical to the cache names. In several of my lists, I purposely don't use the exact cache name, because I want the lists to be ordered in a particular way.


For instance, in the Solar System Series bookmark list, I modified the names so that the caches of the two solar system series are separate from each other, and are listed in order of the planets from Mercury outward. If they had to use the exact cache name, they'd be all jumbled. Likewise on our DNF bookmark list, I preface the cache name with the date of the DNF, so that the entire list is in chronological order.


(Another example: pjmorse's list of New England Night Caches, in which the cache names have been modified so that the list is sorted by state, which is very handy.)

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