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Looking For Geocoins From Canada


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As far as I know the Canadian Geocoin is the only one in existence. I have not heard of any provincial or even personal. A few months ago four geocoin collectors from the U.S. (Georgia I think) decided that Ontario should have it's own coin. They went ahead and designed one and proceeded with the minting and selling on a first come first served basis. They sold out in a matter of minutes. I do not consider these as true Ontario coins. I'm yet to hear if any Canadians managed to purchase some of them or if anyone has ever seen one.

If you dig down through this Canada forum you will find the topic thread that covered the subject.


Cheers, Olar

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Many of us from Quebec got that Ontario GeoCoin made by a team

of 4 out of which 2 were born in Ontario, and one still lives there.

It looks very nice, is trackable, was reasonably priced and was delivered promptly.


There is also another personnal GeoCoin that boast to be the 1st Ontario GeoCoin.


The GeoCaching Quebec association will come out with it's own GeoCoin soon.


BeerMan-Qc came out with a personnal GeoCoin is the fall.

It looks like a Beer Bottle Cap. ;-)


Search the GeoCoin forum for more details.

The Search feature is broken, but you can use CTRL-F, on each page,

with the keywords Ontario and BeerMan.

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I found a Calgary coin too and Res2100 has a personal coin.

Ours isn't a personal coin, it's a provincial coin for Ontario. If it was a personal coin, you can bet that there would be a bunny on one side. Our 2005 Ontario Geocoin is all sold out now.


Some other coins I have seen mentioned from people in Canada are:

Beerman (2 different ones?) from Quebec

JWID from Ontario

I hear there's a new Calgary coin in production too.

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