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Canada Geocoin


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I bought two and feel jipped now! I wish I would have read this post before ordering them. I wonder if the Martime coins will have this same problem.  :)

Don't feel like you've been duped. The Canada coin far pre-dates the current geocoin craze. It was one of (if not) the first geographically themed geocoins.

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I think the Canada geocoins are a good representation of Canada on one side and Geocaching on the reverse. I've probably found and moved on a few dozen of the Canadian coins from cache to cache. There seems to be lots out there in the wild.


The Canada coin is also the 2nd Geocoin that I got for my small (but hopefully growing) geocoin collection.

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The MGA coins will be GC trackable with their own icon. There are several others out there or in production from different Canadian caching groups that are trackable, but the initial sales are already over, which means you'll have to find someone with extras to sell/trade.


The best thing to do is keep your eyes open for threads advertising coins about to go on sale and see if they are Canadian. You could then buy 2 or 3 (which usually cuts down the average shipping cost per coin) and see if you can trade the extras to others for ones you don't have.

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Am I correct in thinking the Canada Geocoin, although trackable at its own website, doesn't appear on my geocache stats??

Yep,. I don't like this very much, I'm canadian ):

It's a bummer that Canada has had a geocoin for so long. They should've waited for the frenzy to begin.


What were they thinking :D

Yeah, and they produce so much coins that they end up in caches all over Canada, what a silly concept, putting coins in caches for all to touch. Brrr, I shiver at the thought. :bad:

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UPDATE: The official Canadian (GC trackable) geocoin is now nearly ready for release. We have had to make a few changes to our design which delayed the production a few weeks.


We anticipate having photographs of the actual coins available early next week, which I will post here. We will begin taking orders shortly thereafter. I will post to a new thread as soon as our ordering system is in place.


Thank you for your patience.

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The Canada coins were the very first geocoins I ever purchased and I like them quite a lot.


1) they are a very early coin

2) they are produced "as needed" (or so it seems) so they are not intended as collectibles, but as cachables

3) they look nice!

4) they are trackable on geocoins.ca (which it states on the coin)


I collect coins, but as an off-shoot of caching them and/or connecting to other cachers. Having recently lost a Travel Bug with about 8 coins attaced, I now realize that coins have less and less to do with caching and more to do with collecting and icons.


I hope that more folks are "disapointed" with more coins and just throw them in the next cache they visit.

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UPDATE: The official Canadian (GC trackable) geocoin is now nearly ready for release. We have had to make a few changes to our design which delayed the production a few weeks.


I'm just curious. When the new ones come on sale will the old ones be immediately discontinued, or will there be a bit of overlap until the stock of old ones is gone? Just wondering if when I order the new ones I can still order a final one or two of the old ones. Thanks!

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My husband bought me 2 Canadian Coins and I couldn't acitvate them. They have not been activated by anyone. We did at least get that far with the company. I emailed geocoins.ca and they were the rudist bunch of people I have ever met. They would in no way assist me in getting these 2 coins activated. They belong to me but instead of helping as you would think they would....they blocked my email address. They know they have screwed up and they won't admit it. I wonder if there are duplicate numbers out there or something.

Has anyone else had a problem acitvating their coins?

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Yes, I've had problems in the past, activating coins. I persevered and managed to work my way through the site and activate them. And to try to help someone else out in the forums, I outlined the steps (including the simple password to use) to activate them. Then I received an e-mail from the owners(?) of the site, not very nicely chastising me because I had published the password, and asking me to remove it from the forums.

I did so, and ever since that day, I've not been able to get access to the site from my home computer. This week, I had to go to our public library to log one that I'd found.

- hamgran

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If I understand correctly...

1. Geocoins can be used as a TB and be tracked from cache to cache.

2. A Canadian geocoin, like the one I picked up in a cache, has to be logged on geocoins.ca and I don't see it in my stats

3. If I pick up a coin in a cache, I should drop it somewhere else.

Here's where I'm confused... How do people collect them? Do they buy some but they don't place them in caches? Do they trade them at events with other geocachers instead?

4.How do I know if it's trackable in the GC website? It should show up in the cache description? Then what... I log it just like a TB?



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If a geocoin is trackable on GC it will say so on the coin. Otherwise it maybe trackable on other sites, they are a few out there. NOt everybody wants to pay GC's prices to track their coins.


And all coins found in caches (unless noted otherwise such as a gift for the first to find) should travel from cache to cache, you did not purchase it so it does not belong to you and should be treated the same way you would a travel bug.


And lastly, most colectors purchase their coins, some purchase more than one, one for their collection and others to either exchange for coins they don't have with other collectors or to place in caches.

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