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Legend C Autorouting Probs

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Hey All: Finally figured out the autorouting in my Legend C, this is incredible!!!! But..... Once getting close to a cache how do I get the GPSr to point to cache instead of next turn ...how do I get it to think off road instead of on road. I tried recalculating but no go...this normally doesn't happen at all but 2 caches yesterday it wanted me to take roads around it when the cache was 50m to my right. Luckily I had my trusty Etrex basic to save the day.

Autorouting is not at all necessary but it's really cool to play with and watch

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I have my 60C (same firmware) set to "Prompted" when I ask it to route me to a waypoint (Press MENU » MENU » 'Setup' » ENTR » 'Routing' » ENTR, and set Guidance Method (the first drop down) to "Prompted"). If it still wants to take me on the road, I hit MENU » Stop Navigation. The I hit FIND FIND ENTR to highlight the waypoint again and hit Goto. The unit will then ask "Follow Road" or "Off Road". Hit Off Road and you're golden.


This is in the Routes Section of the FAQ.

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I have found with my Legend C to "route" by follow road to get near the cache, then i press menu>recalculate>off road. The routing then recalculates using off road. And yes you have to have prompt setup to be prompted for the off/follow option as said above. But a simple recalculate works great.

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