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I Took His Log


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I sure blew it this afternoon. Found a nice cache in a nice place, and was only the second finder. When we got home...54 miles away...I discovered that I had inadvertently carried off the brand new log. What to do? I've emailed the owner asking if I can mail it to him. I also offered to take it back to the cache, but can't go for at least a month. In my posted log I asked for someone to locate it and leave some paper. Is there anything else I can do to show my regret? Please tell me I'm not the first one to do something like this. :D;)

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Your not the first, you won't be the last.  You did what you should have done.  I won't tell you about the stupid things I've done like destroying a cache on accident...

Aww... come on let's hear it. :) At least post a link to your log.


/back on topic


I went and did a small multi once. When we found the final we emptied out the cache container and did some trades and then ... "Do you have the log?" "No do you?" "Where is it?" etc. We searched for a while then gave up. At an event a few days later we were discussing this and someone fessed up to accidently taking it.


Not the first, not the last. You did good.


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You did right. admit to your Oops. Let's the owner know what's going on.

My worst one so far:

"I was feeling around for the cache, felt something, and heard a splash. I suspect that the cache is now at the bottom of the Passaic River. Sorry about that."

Owner responded: "New cache container, this time a commercial magnetic key case placed at the exact same spot. If you drop it in the drink, you are required to dive in and retrieve it--just kidding--be careful as you grope under the rail for it at the middle of the bridge on the north side, by the fillegree. Take a picture."

(I did e-mail the owner with my most profuse apologies.)

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Is there anything else I can do to show my regret?

I believe the RULE is that YOU must take the cache owner and the next 20 finders out

for a prime rib dinner. :)


I found a cache and the tupperware was in bad shape so I decided i was going to take

it back to the car fix it up and put it back but i turned brain dead and just drove off

with it. I stopped at a Dunkin's and while I was sitting in the drive thru i looked over

and there it was on the seat got my coffee and then had a 12 mile drive back.

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...come on let's hear it. :D At least post a link to your log....

The Cache.


The clue said "Hidden in a Magnetic Key Holder" after giving up on all the metal including guardrail, smashed pipes, signs, and the rebar in the dumped concrete in this dumpsite we gave up. My kids were playing around this stump. Well..it's magnetic, It can't be in the stump... So I went to pick up this large stump just to see if I could. It broke and stump bits went flying everwhere. Just when I'm impressed with myself the cache falls out. Whoops.

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