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Ng Topo Conversion To Gpx ?

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This is probably a direct question to robertlipe.


Since I've worked with the NG Topo software for a number of years, I have numerous "tpo" files. Are you aware of a way to convert "tpo" file data to "gpx"?


Expert GPS will handle the "tpg" waypoint file so that is not a problem. It's just since TOPO went to a single file type instead of separate "tpo & tpg" files


What I can't do with Topo is export the tracks in a format that I can then import into another program like USAPhotomaps, Expert GPS or MapSource, where I can do area calculations or plot the track on aerial photos


The three softwares above will handle the gpx files and do area calculation.


Topo software is by far the most user friendly and "logical" but like every other piece of software, it doesn't quite do everything.

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A few months ago, a dude contributed a tpo module for GPSBabel. It's a very weird format - each of the approximately 75 different programs they call "Topo!" that have a header that's just different enough to make them incompatible. It's my understanding, for example, that you can't load an Arizona data file if ou have the Indiana version and you can't have a single file spanning multiple data sets. It's therefore a format that is impractical to write in the general case. The author produced some tools to help with this, but it is still pretty finicky.


Unfortunately, the code had some quality problems and the author quit returning my mails between the time I checked the code in and the time it was actually up to the required standards. So I left the tpo code in the tree and just removed it from the menus. The format name is, unsuprisingly, 'tpo' if you want to use it directly. I think I recall the reader being in better shape than the writer, but I'm sure there was a reason I effectively neutered it instead of making it a read-only format...


You should probably brace yourself for all the joys of an unsupported feature - if it doesn't work, unless you provide an associated fix, be prepared to be ignored or referred to the 'custom development' department. :-)

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