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Geocaching W/ Google Earth?

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Hey guys-

I want to hook up Google Earth for my Geocachine stuff. I'm already going to be using it for business, so it's only natural to use it for GC as well. Here's the deal-


I want all my caches downloaded (I'm becoming a Premium member today) into my laptop. I then will hookup my Garmin 60CSX for Real Time tracking in GE. I'll use the laptop while I'm driving to get near the cache, BUT- I want to be able to disconnect my GPSr from the laptop when I actually go on foot to the cache itself. So, BOTH the laptop AND the GPSr will need to have the same cache info. Once I find the cache, I want to be able to come back, hook up the GPSr back to the laptop, type in my notes (to upload when I get back home, and go to the next one.


It's my understanding that the GSAK isn't working with the 'x' units from Garmin right now. So, I'm wondering, if there's a way to use GSAK (or EasyGPS or whatever) on the laptop, download the caches to Google Earth, then use Google Earth to upload the caches to the GPSr? So you're essentially using Earth as a middle man to transfer caches into your GPSr.


I'm completely new to all of this, so, I need someone to hold my hand all the way through it. Is this possible, and, how do I do it?



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ok- found out that yes, once you download the kml file into GE, you can turn on/off the GC overlay very easily. So that's cool.


My next question is this- Lets say I open my GC kml file in GE, and find about 20 caches I want to go find in my area. I'd like to download and get all the details from those caches, and keep it in my computer cache for when I go offline and out hunting for them. Then, when I am out driving around, I can still pull up the cache details even tho I don't have internet. Is this possible?


Another Question- how do I store my notes for each cache? Is there a program, or a way, to type in my notes for each found cache to be uploaded later when I have internet access again?


Last question- Is there a way to keep an updated KML file so that it doesn't show me (or maybe I would have the option to see them) all the caches I've already found? Maybe some sort of filtering system or something?


Thanks guys!

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If you're asking if Google Earth will continue to function without an internet connection, the answer is yes as long as the requested map data is cached. I have not tried to use my GPS with Google Earth, but I would imagine that not only is the cached info available, but any data modifications that are specific you your computer should stick. I haven't a clue about the last two questions.


You might want to contact the author of RoboPhoto and RoboGeo to see if he would be interested in adding some features specific to geocaching. He has recently added Google Maps and Google Earth support to RoboGeo.





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Yeah, not what I was asking at all. I know that when I want to use GE offline, I need to scroll the areas I will be in before disconnecting. I just want to be able to have access to all the other info about the cache- logs, hints, details, etc etc. Is that possible?


But thanks for the info anyways!

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