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Announcing The "bikedog Memorial Coin."

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Hi All,


With the focus of our discussions primarily elsewhere today, I am selfishly trying to steer things over here.


As most of you have read, one of our local San Diego cachers and coin collectors died last week in a tragic accident. Jerry has left behind a wife, and a 13-year-old daughter.


In order to alleviate our sense of loss, and to feel like we can actually do some good with our obsessive passion, Passing Wind and The Caching Widow approached me with the idea of doing a memorial coin for Bikedog's family. They have already produced the artwork, and I received a tentative approval today from GS on making this coin trackable with a custom icon.


(For those that may question the expense, like I did, we provided Nancy, Jerry's widow with the information, and the cost involved. She said that they would really appreciate having a trackable coin, with the custom icon. So, that decision is made, and I am not asking for feedback regarding this.)


However, I am asking for some preliminary feedback on how many coins to produce? How deep are your pockets for a good cause. I personally feel that we, as a community will rally to the cause.


Just so you know, there has been a trust fund set up for Jerry's daughter, and all proceeds will go into the fund. We will cover the cost of the coin, and the paypal and shipping fees only!


I will attach a copy of the artwork at the bottom of this post. Bikedog was very passionate about his smashed pennies, so we used that design for the coin. We are going with a copper finish, to match his pennies. No colors, no 3-D images. Plain, simple, to the point.


So what do you think? Would you pay $10.00 for this coin? Would you pay $15.00? How many do we produce?


Following the Yime guy's lead, I think we will be making 5 coins with a different plating, possibly antique silver. 1 for the family, the rest to be auctioned off.


As another note, we will close orders and leave 25 coins in reserve. The day the coins arrive here, we will list all of those coins on the auction site, and then pack everyone else's orders to ship. That way, at least the first coins sold at auction will benifit Jerry's daugher, rather than some of us speculators out there.


(Yes, I did say us, since I have listed coins there, and made a profit myself.)


Thank you all for your time. I am honored and touched at the outpouring of this community for someone that most of us have never met in person.





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Due to the amount of coins being produced on an hourly basis around here, my pockets are not very deep. I would suggest staying well below $10 for the coin if your goal is to sell a lot of them. You can concentrate a larger portion of any donations from holding charity auctions for the LEs.

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I would gladly purchase a coin - shipping included for under $13 especially if it has a special icon. I think it would be entirely possible to take orders for a few weeks before closing the order to set the edition size.


I really like the idea of a special metal coin to benefit the family.


The artwork is very cool!

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Yes I would also buy a couple to help out with the trust fund for his daughter.I also agree that the $10.00 price or less would probaly sell more coins than a higher priced coin.And the idea for 5 coins with a different plating to help out is a great one! Maybe you could also post where to send money to the trust fund for anyone that would like to help out without buying a coin if the price is to high for them but still wants to help out. My prayers go out to the family.

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I would buy at least 2 at $10 or $15. (even with my coin money being pretty low now.) Althought I would probably trade the 2nd one, the main reason to buy is to help the fund. (Some of the benefit coins I buy only because they ARE benefit coins).


I never met Bikedog, but want to help out the family fund.


Since lots of geocoin collectors go to the collectors sites and browse, I have added the coin (including the picture) to my Pending listing at CoinTracking, with the URL for this forum (Announcing The "bikedog Memorial Coin.") in the comments.


Hopefully someone who is part of other coin pages can add the coin there to get the word out. (I know not everyone keeps abreast of the forums here.)




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My passion for collecting elongated pennies is what got me into geocaching in the first place, and I'm thankful for that. What a grand idea to combine the 2! I would like to buy 2. $10 would be great and definitely sell more, but I have paid more than $15 for coins "elsewhere" so that price wouldn't keep me from purchasing these coins. Especially as to where the profits are going to. I feel terribly for his family. What a wonderful memorial.




(hmm...I just noticed looking back at the penny...is the artist Mr. Kilcoyne?)

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We do not collect coins. In fact, we own all of 1--a Md geocoin because we're members of the Maryland Geocaching Society. However, we are riders as well as cachers. And we are parents though our children are grown. We would be willing to purchase a couple of coins in the price was no more than $10. I would probably keep one but the other would go in a cache we've been working on. We have a brand new Harley Dealership that opened this week in an area that doesn't have many caches. A motorcycle themed cache is in the works. One would definitely go in it. I'll continue to monitor this forum for more info.



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