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Additional Waypoints Functionality

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We just added the ability to create additional waypoints for a cache listing. If you own a cache you can scroll down to the "Additional Waypoints" section and start creating more waypoints for your listing.


There are 4 different types at the moment:


1. Final Coordinates (used for multi-caches and mystery caches)

2. Parking Coordinates (for everything)

3. Stages of a Multicache

4. Question to Answer (for mystery and multi-caches)


All these waypoints can be hidden completely, shown with no coordinates, or shown with coordinates. This will allow you to, say, keep a record of the final coordinates for a cache listing so you don't lose it or to provide it for reviewers. Also I'm sure we'll find other fun ways to use the new features.


The additional waypoints have also been hooked into Pocket Queries and GPX files on individual cache pages. For individual downloads the waypoints will be included in the GPX file. For Pocket Queries the additional waypoints will be in a separate file.

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