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Calling All Lady-cachers

ZAlandyman & Susieq
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I'm having loads of fun reading through the forums, but noticed there is not much happening on the ladies side!!

So, if you are the female half of a team or a lone female geocacher, I would like to hear from you.

ZALandyman introduced the sport to me, but we found and hid our first cache together. Both of us are now completely addicted to geocaching! Either he or I log the find, but I am embarrassed to admit, I have minimal knowledge as to how to operate the GPS!!! I know, how bad is that! A geocacher who doesn't know how to use the GPS!!

Am I the only one feeling stupid walking after my man in circles while he tries to locate a satelite or locate the site of a cache? Either way, I have made a decision, I am going to learn...then he can walk after me in circles. :ph34r:

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errr, am I allowed to post here if my alter ego is a nubile Swede named Helga?

Helga is pretty good at using a GPS, but she has no idea about all this mapping software, pocket queries and downloads etc.

She recently figured out how to work the proximity alarms though - clever those!



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WOW Helga! Sense of adventure, techno know-how and not to mention those dimensions 33-23-33 was is it or more like S33 57.535??? Sounds like the perfect woman.


Well S of GS&Dogs has attempted the GPSr thing and at times has even succeeded in navigating us to a destination. Even though the gpsr gets handled upside down at times.

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Am I the only one feeling stupid walking after my man in circles while he tries to locate a satelite or locate the site of a cache? Either way, I have made a decision, I am going to learn...then he can walk after me in circles.


Hi SusieQ - i feel your pain....took me ages to learn how to use my GPS - but once you've got it covered, it's easy enough! Then again, I had a girl show me how... :lol:


I must confess though, much as I LOVE (for me it's about the "chase") geocaching, when it actually comes to "unearthing" a cache - eek! Hate sticking my hands into crevices and underneath rocks cos you never know what'll come crawling out - i know, i know, typical girlie-girl. Which i why I almost never cache alone :lol: It's sometimes a dirty messy business....but oh so much fun!

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Hey "Helga", you are most welcome...especially that there seems to be only one actual reply from a girl...thanks KoolBeanz

Yep, those crevices are the worst. I have actually thought of bringing along the kitchen gloves. :lol: When looking for the last cache, we found the skin of a snake just under the rock, thankfully just the skin!!

Good for you Fox! :lol:

S of GS&Dogs, I have also managed to navigate to the cache, but if something goes wrong, I don't know what button to press...the manual is out though! Watch this space...

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Well, I'm the female part of our team (if you don't count Anka the dog). The male half was very confused when I asked for my own GPS for Christmas coz his somehow never managed to get us anywhere (it's always in his hands). Since mine arrived we have managed to get somewhere!!!

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Hi Suzieq, I know just what you are going through, but if its any consolation,don't let it get to you. I know absolutely nothing about the GPS and certainly don't ever put my hands under rocks or such likes, but do my share by downloading the caches, logging, setting up new cache containers to be placed and just generally organising things. After all, the Tricky one must have something to do too! I suppose you could say he is the leader, but I'm the administrator, so as a team we complement each other!



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I suspect if a new GPS enters our home, I will get the old one! Even if I pay for it!

ZAL. is a techno freak and I would just feel too guilty looking at the longing in his face.


Guess that's where I'm lucky. The man gets attached to his belongings - no matter the age. (Think it has to do with a fear of the unknown!) So I get all that's new :P

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