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Parentsofsam Personal Coin


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Well here it is our own coin! This thread is for sales we will have some for traders, we will take requests for those very soon. :):anicute:




The price is $7.00 per coin.

Shipping to US and Canada is $1.50 for the 1st coin and .30 for each addtional coin.

Shipping Worldwilde is $2.00 for the 1st coin and .90 for each addtional coin.


If you have a coin order of 10 or more you can email me for a custom shipping quote.


There will be 400 or 500 coins made for sale depending on demand.


Here are the specs:


1.5" Triangluar Coin

Most likely will be Nickel, waiting on samples.

4 color front, 6 color back

GC.com trackable

NO Special Icon, Ok we will do an icon if we sell at least 400 coins. Added Jan. 19.


Email Us With Your Order!

Please put Coin Order in the Subject line.


Real Name



Paypal Email (if different)

# of coins wanted


PayPal invoice will be sent out after samples are received and minting is started. In approx. 2 - 3 weeks. If you have any questions just ask....


But you can always beg me to bill you early! :anicute::)

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What a scam! You use the updated image I made of your design to make me buy some of your coins.


Of course I'll buy some of 'em! I'm flattered you decided on a design that I at least had a little hand in... even if I did just move the text around a little. :blink:

[/giving more credit to himself than is due]

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We have had good response for our coin. Thank You All! :laughing: :laughing: :unsure:


But some would like for us to have an icon. So we decided that if we sell 400 coins we will spring for an icon. As of right now we have about 125 sold.


So tell your friends, order more for yourself, never too early to shop for Christmas....




edit:darn spelling

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I made a Coin Edition at cointracking.com feel free to put your request over there if you like. I think I am going to use them for the PayPal also. But I will not open the payments for another week or 2.


If you do not want to add your coins to the tracking list thats ok you can still email me and I will send you an invoice.



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We have made our decision we are going to spring for an icon. :D BUT...


We need an icon first.


So, we are going to hold an icon contest. The winner, to be determined by our daughters, will recieve two of our coins free (one of each metal).


Post your pics to this thread and our girls will vote for one this Sunday.


Thanks :D:D:ph34r:

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OK... I wanted to incorporate the three faces, but it gets a little tight once you get down to 32x32, but here is what I came up with.





32 wide image:



Dropped a bit of a shadow to smooth the edges and redid the faces to be more 32x32 compliant. Whatcha think?

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