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What Would You Do?

Jamie Z

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Some of you may have seen a couple of my posts a few weeks back saying that I'd sent my Explorist 500 in for a few repairs. There was nothing major wrong with it--a sticky click stick, and the rubber on the buttons wasn't holding up too well. Here's what happened:


I sent the GPS on December 23, it arrived (according to FedEx Tracking) to Magellan on December 28. According to communications I had with Tech Support, "it normally takes between 10 to 12 business days turn around time due to the holidays." I hoped to get the GPS back the first week of January.


On or about January 11, I tried to call Magellan technical support to find out the status of my repair. I waited on hold for 10 or 15 minutes before given the option to leave my phone number for a return call. I again called the next day after receiving no call. Still I heard nothing.


I emailed the same tech person as before on January 13 asking about the status of my repair. The response stated that my GPS didn't get into the repair facility until January 6, but there was nothing since. The support person promised to look into it for me and let me know.


I hadn't heard anything as of today, January 18, so I emailed again. This time I told the support tech that I was no longer interested in getting my GPS back. It's taken too long, and there has been no information. I requested that my purchase price be refunded to me.


Two hours later I got an email stating that a replacement unit has been sent via UPS. I got a second email shortly thereafter saying that my earlier email requesting a refund wasn't received until after my GPS was sent out, adding "You will be receiving that unit in the mail sometime, but please let me know what you would like us to do now since the unit is no longer in our hands. So sorry for the frustration this has caused you."


I mostly like the Explorist 500, especially since the recent firmware upgrade. But I was getting frustrated with the service, and looking forward to getting my money back so I could get something different. I was thinking of changing sides.


I'd like to have the Garmin Quest, or perhaps one of the x-series Garmins.


A refund wouldn't fully pay for either of those units, but it would make a good down payment. But now I have a brand new, in-box Explorist 500 coming, as well as what sounds like a standing offer to return the GPS for my money back.


Should I just keep the thing? It's not a bad unit, and I'm pleased that Magellan came through with a brand new unit (if that's what it is--I'm not positive yet), but I'm not too pleased with the service I've gotten or their response to my questions about the repair.


Also, I've been looking at some of the Garmin offerings which have much better autorouting than the Explorist. Autorouting is a main use for my GPS.


What would you do?



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