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2006 Czech Geocoins - Orders


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We are proud to announce that Czech geocoins 2006 are on the sale now :laughing:


Here you will find the order form and all needed informations: 2006 Czech geocoins order form - English


Do not order in this thread or via email, we will not accept it. We will ship first 1000 of coins in the first half of February, other coins will be minted according to the orders and we will ship them later. Enjoy our (as at least we think) great coin :laughing:

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These will be limited to the number ordered? or will they be remade? not really clear on that from the post or the site "this round will be closed"


what shipping costs are we looking at for them? it isn't mentioned on the site.


Will US orders ship from within the US to keep shipping costs down?

We are thinking about to open another round during the 2006 year if there will be an interest. About shipping costs - it depends on the weights of the coins - but it will not be very expensive - we have cheap postal service here :laughing:

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Ordered 3 of each, but when I hit "submit", I got a blank page.  The Geocaching logo and the Microsoft Ad were at the bottom, but no confirmation.  No email as of yet either, so is there any way to check if the order went through?  Thanks!

i see you on the list, dave! it must've been some glitch, sorry.

the text you unfortunately haven't had a chance to see said that we will contact you via email. thank yooouuuu

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