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Geomail (geostamps)


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Just before a a recent event cache that I held I had some contact with an North American geocacher and so for fun I got some postcards and had attendees at the event write on them. I then “addressed” them to his cacher name c/o. the waypoit code and name of one of his caches with state and country as well. These were then taken and dropped in caches by a few teams, I called it geomail, I don’t know how original this idea is but it seemed a cool twist on the old hitchhiker. I did put my contact details on them a few instructions but at this point I have basically lost track of them. In the end they may make it or they won’t but it got me thinking. I was going to try again but this time make up some “stamps” by photocopying a few travel bugs and sticking the copy to the postcard. It them occurred to me that maybe there is potential in this similar to GeoCoins. Maybe GeoStamps could be made and sold that have tracking numbers on them these could be used to send postcards from cache to cache anywhere in the world. If different designs were made they could be as collectable as the coins. Anyway just sharing my thoughts. Hope someone finds them interesting.



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