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Few New Changes

H to the Bizzle!
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I like the image mouseover

I like the instant hint decrypt

I like the profile page change with the tabs


I'm not too sure about the blue wash on the cache page for the logs, but I'll get used to it.


Thanks very much, some good improvements.

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I just made a change the sproc so you saw that error at the same time I was making my change.


As far as FF goes.. I'm viewing the site in that and I tested it against Opera, Netscape 7 and IE 6 & 7. Try holding down Shift and click the refresh icon.

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I've only looked at it in Safari, and I think the new style sheet is forcing rather small text. I need to experiment with it a bit more before I come to a conclusion.


BIG PROBLEM, though: All the hints are showing both encryted and decrypted on the same page. I'll look on some other browsers in a bit, but that seemed important enough to suggest a problem (Safari 2.0.1 on OS X Tiger).

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Umm. Collectibles - don't you think that might encourage people who find a coin in a cache to keep it?

and Travel Bugs are meant to travel, not to be collected...


Overall, I like the changes, so thank you Groundspeak. It would be nice to see the word "Collectibles" change to "Trackables" or "Trackable Items" or something else.


"Collectible" does reflect reality, though. ;):anibad:;):blink:

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Like most of the changes and its a good upgrade. The only thing I find a bit difficult with my older eyes is the blue on the logs. The text doesn't contrast as well as on white which makes it hard for me to read.


But the layout on the cache pages looks great.



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The tabs on the profile page are just plain not there in both Mozilla and Firefox.


Cache logs as black type on a blue background is hard to read for us in the bifocal set.


In the print-friendly view, the waypoint number (red letters, upper-right corner) overlays the printed attributes, and the "Additional Hints (Decrypt)" link doesn't actually do anything ... seems to link to a page with "&decrypt=" (no "=y").

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In general, I like the changes. However, I'd like to see some whitespace between log entries to improve readability. As they are now, all the log entries on a page seem to run together.


I like the color background to the log entries. It sets the logs off from the rest of the page. However, the background is a bit on the dark side. This decreases the contrast between the text and the page reducing readability. A lighter background would reduce the problem.


Thanks for the continueing updates.

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Have you thought about upgrading firefox?

I beg you. Please, please, PLEASE don't become one of those sites that doesn't work unless I update my browser every month.

We don't plan to.. but 1.0.7 of firefox does have bugs. We are using web standard stuff and it just won't render properly in 1.0.7.



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Like the changes. Was really getting to hate all the icons on the profile sheet but the new "trackables" is perfect. Love how the hint funtion works, the inventory area, and all the mouse overs. The blue is hard to read in the logs though. That is the only thing. You'll understand in another 20 years or so.

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I second the remark above about Firefox 1.0x auto-decrypting the hint. Will check on 1.5 when I get to work. This doesn't bother me much as I always decrypt the hint before I print :anibad: but it might spoil things for some people. Getting JavaScript to work across browsers is such a pain...

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