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Fake Logs

Just Roger

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This afternoon I was reading this post by Haggis Hunter, in another thread: (can't work out how to quote it properly in a different thread)


Just today I went out to two caches I had already done, to pick up TB's, and

managed to get one of ARCHAIC CHARMER's logs deleted, as funnily enough

he hadn't visited the cache, when he said he had.


When "You have new mail" popped up. It was a notification that the gent in question had found one of my caches. I was immediately suspicious as one word logs are not very common so, as its only a 10 minute walk from home, I went to check - and he hadn't signed the log sheet.


I have now deleted the log but how common is this logging of caches without visiting them?

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In my experience, rare. The novelty soon runs out for the 'armchair cacher' as there's not much in it for them. No fresh air or exercise. No trinkets to trade. No geocoins to drool over... Occasionally a new name will pop up, usually with a subtle name like 'phantom cacher' and they'll log a few, from one end of the country to the other. A cacher will check their cache, see it's unsigned, and spread the word here. Before long the online logs have been deleted and the 'phantom' finds a new hobby.


Edit: ARCHAIC CHARMER is an anagram of ARMCHAIR CACHER, of course... :anibad:

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I feel left out now <_< Archaic Charmer is logging everyone else's caches, but hasn't done mine!

I guess that is just aking for it to be done. :o


Anyhow deleted the log which appeared on a cache of mine, and will delete any future logs even without visiting the caches :o

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I feel left out now <_< Archaic Charmer is logging everyone else's caches, but hasn't done mine!

That guarantees a visit as that is how he is probably getting his kicks.


This thread should be locked so that this person ceases to get the satisfaction of knowing we are at all bothered by this sort of activity.

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Had read this thread with little interest, except about the anagram which amused me for a second. I figured I'd just delete the log if he made his way down here - he's logged one of mine now, and I've just found out that I don't care.


I'd rather let him build up several hundred or 1000 caches then get TPTB to delete him.

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