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Lookie Here......

Saving Shiloh

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i got permission to post this from kerry of Groundspeak

Posting a picture and minting a coin are 2 different things. Ask them if they'll grant you permission to mint that coin. My bet is on "no" since others have already asked.

I agree.


I even recieved a "very small" hand slap for using "the trademarked GC logo" and "Signal the Frog" without asking prior permission to create the artwork for the CITO coin of Atlanta Gal's concept of what she'd like to see in a CITO coin.


But luckily they liked the design and proceeded to use the AG's concept & a version of my design to put a CITO coin in the works.


And since I also stated in my post of the coin that I had designed it with the intentions of letting Groundspeak produce the coins, not me, I think it kept a lot of heat off of me for not asking prior to posting the artwork. ESPECIALLY since it was a flagrant violation of using both piece of artwork without permission.

I harbored no ill feelings for the "correction" and TOTALLY understand!!


I agree with some of the others that suggested using something more personal in your coin design!!

In my "personal walk" opinion, your avatar would make for a MUCH better subject for you own coin. :grin:


D-man :lol:

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