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Grand Experiment - Person To Put Coins In Caches?

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Howdy Guys!


I thought this might interest a few of you, but you'd need to jump over to a different thread.


If you see the thread at:


Grand Experiment - Geocoins in the Wild


Several of us are required to send 3 geocoins for someone to put into the wild. We've run out of people to continue the experiment, and since I don't see anyone there interested in tossing a few geocoins into caches in UK (we have several going to Europe) I thought I would post here to see if anyone wanted hop into that thread and possibly offer to help distribute coins into the "wild".


If you are interested in placing these geocoins, please check out the thread and feel free to post - we want to cover the world with geocoins IN caches.




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I have no interest in collecting geocoins to keep and I applaud your aim to get coins circulating "in the wild". If anyone wants to send any to me I'll happily place them in our local area. (SE Wales, U.K.)


Mrs B :lol:


:):) edited to add ... "Great minds think alike...and at the same time, Andy"

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I quote


"Part 1. You find someone who is willing to place 3 coins into caches for the finders to either keep, or pass along. Preferably that person already has those coins, so will not be tempted to just keep them. There is no obligation with this part other than to actually place the coins into caches.


NOTE: Accepting the 3 "cache" coins does NOT qualify you in any way...the "sender" is the only one able to claim that as Part #1.


Part 2. You send out the 3 "spawner" coins. Now this part gets tricky because you are trying to find someone who does NOT have those coins. The recipient of the "spawner" is under no obligation to send out any coins...but this is the incentive for them to participate in the project. They can certainly use the "spawner" coin as part of their "cache" or "spawner" obligation in order to qualify for the privelige to purchase the Special Project Coin."




"they send you 3 ACTIVATED coins to put into caches.


If you want to get 1 coin that you don't have to keep/register for your own, that would be UNACTIVATED.


So, those that are distributing send:


3 activated for the other party to put into caches

and 3 (one per person) for those to continue the game on. "


Clear as.......or maybe it's just me. :grin:

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EDIT - entire post


OK I seem to be wrong. It seems to be, using me as the example. I send three coins to a cacher to be placed in caches. I send three coins to other cachers to go in their collections. I get the warm feeling of having six fewer coins than I had before.


Generous as I am...


However, if anyone wants to send me coins, I will place them in caches.

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just got this from Phoenix-Rose:


In a nutshell, here's how it works (simplified):


Coin owner sends out 3 activated coins to one person

or persons. (we'll call them person A) for

distribution into geocaches.


Coin owner sends out 3 other coins to 3 other people

(not activated, one each) - persons B,C, D. Persons

B,C, D can keep the "incentive" coin to add to their

collection, register or whatever. It's an "incentive"

that they will take 3 of their owned coins in hopes of

putting them in the hands of someone else to start the

cycle again.


The Yahoo link is simply to keep track of who's

participating/sent coins to whom/etc.


If you accept 3 coins to distribute into the cache (as

in you're being person A) you do not need to do

anything else other than put them into caches.


If you're being person B, C, D, and accepting an

"incentive" coin, we'd like to see you continue the

cycle. Only the persons "B,C,D" would be eligible for

the special coin to be made. The coins will be

available to the first 100, only one coin per person.


The thing to keep in mind is that for those of us

sending out coins, we are doing it in hopes of making

more coins available. There are roughly at least 50

different icons out there for individual coins, but

most of the coins (for example, US state coins all

have a different icon) are never seen because they

have gone straight to collections. It's our way of

trying to help out fellow geocachers.


Have a great one! I'm looking forward to watching my

coins move!




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