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Grimlock's Geocoin ... Here We Go!

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Just gauging interest in my coin. Here are the planned specs for it:


1.75 inch Antique Silver finish. The SUV is a photo and not 3D.






Right now, i'm leaning towards printing 150 coins.


Onduli is my better half and "Onduli" means giraffe in some other language .. hence, the giraffe. And we needed to include an 02 4Runner Sport ... our cachemobile! Forgot to mention: It's not trackable on gc.com.

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I don't mean to sound rude, but it looks like a Toyota advertisement.

Ya the Jeep coins are ok though...right?

If it were a 3D rendition it would be less like an ad. But a lot more like the 1/2 dozen (or so) Jeep coins :)

Yep, i've seen several 3D Jeep coins ... but I was wanting to do something different. I haven't seen a 4Runner on a coin. Also, i've seen several other 3D vehicles -- so I was wanting to stray away and do something different. PLus, I know there lots of us 4Runner owners out there!

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It's a cool coin and I like the idea. Someone in another forum just brought up a good point though. You should get permission to use the photo unless you took it. The photo (if it is not yours) was probably taken by a staff photographer for Toyota. If it wasn't (came from a magazine, etc.) it may be legal property of a independent photographer and you should seek their permission. I highly doubt either would mind your use, but it can be a legal hazard. :)

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