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Now Ordering: Skirtlifter And Lamp Post Coins


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Skirtlifter and Lamp Post Update:


Since we're doing these coins a little different then our coin sales in the past (no limited edition, 2 seperate coins, 2 different icons) we wanted to clarify the invoicing process.


Invoicing: We will not be sending invoices out until the ordering has closed, the coins are in production and we have a firm shipping date. The estimate for that is 10 days to 2 weeks from today.


We will continue to keep you updated throughout the whole process - usually a weekly update - and will give you a couple days warning when it is time to invoice.


We expect to have the coins in hand and shipped to you, barring any unforeseen occurance, before the end of February.


Thanks for your support and patience!


BackBrakeBilly, GA Cacher, Team Pez, MadHattersNeverland, Thorny1

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Are you still updating your order pages? My name is not on either one and I emailed beofre it hit 9:01am (central).

I don't see my name there, either, and I ordered both a few hours ago. They must have other things to do on a Sunday besides update the order page. :tired: But hopefully our orders are in hand!

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hopefull i got in for one of each....  i'll have to give up caching to continually watch for new coins to go on sale.  LOL

Ladyacacher and Blind Acorn - You're in!



Thanks PEZ!!! I'm so hopelessly addicted to Geocoins and Icons... sad... :tired:

You apparantly are not the only one. I just watched that moun10bike v2 close for $1575 on that "e" place. Whoa!

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