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Puzzle Cache Coin(s)


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Any progress? :lol:


Yep.....we decided to have a couple of "test" sets minted to make sure the coins fit just perfect and the different colors of the GC logo "flowed" together. They are in the process of being minted and should be ready soon. As soon as they get here we will get some pictures posted and then start taking orders as the coins are produced.


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Hi there,

I have never seen a coin in a cache , so I have a question , does the coin have the actual tracking number on it ?


Hi there too! :lol: If it is a GC.com trackable geocoin it will have a tracking number on the coin itself along with the words "Trackable at www.geocaching.com" somewhere near the number.

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Thanks ,

In that case I would like to buy some of these puzzle coins .


These coins will be up for preorders soon. When we get ready to do the preordering we will start a new thread here in the forums. I will give everyone a little notice here in this thread before so everyone will know when the new thread will go up.


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Just to let everyone know some details.....


The coins will be 1.75 inch per piece so the total of the whole set when together will be 3.5X3.5 inches.

As for the price, each individual coin will cost $7.50 for a total of $30 for the whole set plus shipping.

The coins are being done in Silver.

Each individual piece will have a different GC.com tracking number for a total of 4 for the set.

The set will have it's own custom icon which is being worked on at this time.

I will start a new thread shortly for those who want to reserve their place for these coins.

Thanks again to everyone for all the good comments on the idea and artwork.

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Thanks for keeping us up to date on the progress.


How soon is 'shortly? I don't want to miss the chance to own a set (or 2!). Can I go to sleep or should I set up camp? :D


If it were me I would look for it probably tomorrow evening but not too late. :D

Thanks and go get some rest. :mad:


Tomorrow evening!!!! Bummer!!! I have to work until 10:00 pm (central) and won't get home until 10:30 or a bit later. :laughing: Will it be possible for me to e-mail you a reservation for a set?? I don't want to miss out on this one... :D



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