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Who Let One Loose?

bushwackin' schmo
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So most coins are in books or coffee cans collecting dust.

Considering I've traded for over 200 coins and placed only 50 or so, yeah, most coins are collecting dust. I am sure there are a few I've left in caches that collected a lot of moisture :P

Mine don't collect dust I fondle them everyday.... B):unsure: The whole 6 I have...so far :P:huh::huh:

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Hmm, there is no way I can get there within the next 7 hours to grab it. Tempting though. $1,575 or $600 for plane tickets. :lol:


P.S. Yes, I did read the log for the coin, good work Cornerstone. Now if you want to get rid of that "SPARE" coin you have let me know. :grin:

Good think you didn't buy the tickets! It's already been grabbed, but will be back in circulation soon!

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I released one of my personal coins, coin #43 in This Cache yesterday. We went on a scouting to run to see if we could reach the 5-star cache via a different route than when we placed it 18 months ago. We did, and the route was harder than the 5-star route :P Ultimately the goal was to see if we would be able to go further upstream via the route we took. It's possible, but it would be wise to wait for days with longer daylight. <_<


We also rescued two travel bugs.

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I am letting on loose on my trip to Hawaii this week.  It is a PA coin with security features: a hole drilled through it with a little padlock and geoswag dog tag.

Hopefully it will keep moving.

We Got it! SO excited to find our first GeoCoin in a cache! We are going to move it on a few thousand miles to New Zeland in a few weeks on our vacation.


PS - Left Three TikiCoins in caches today:


Studio Cafe Cache


Coconut Valley


Strangled Palm


Now go get em! ;)

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