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I've Scored A Century!

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Yesterday I racked up 5 caches and a benchmark in Washington DC and today nine more, together with a chance meeting with another cacher outside The White House, all while taking in the marvellous views of The National Mall.


Have just realised that I logged my 100th cache today, which has taken Caesar and I 5 months, in four countries on two continents! I think he must definitely be the only British dog to have cached at most of the places here in DC. :unsure:

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I think he must definitely be the only British dog to have cached at most of the places here in DC. :unsure:

Well done Wendy and Caesar! I bet he's one of very few British dogs to have ever cached in the USA, let alone just the DC ones. He may even be the only British dog ever to have cached in the USA?


It's great that you bumped into another cacher by chance at the White House. What a great few days for you!

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Another 7 in Washington DC yesterday, including one by The Wombles, great to have a nice British cache in the middle of the US National Mall! Alas, all virts but I passed on a couple of TBs to the cacher I met utside The White House.


Now in San Diego and I am starting to wonder if Caesar is possibly the only British caching dog to get to cache stateside...obviously becasue of his job.


Caching will have to take a bit of a back seat til I have finished writing and delivered my keynote speech to open conference midweek...and then wey hey! :laughing:

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Many many thanks for all your good wishes. We kept on caching when we got to California and indeed when we got back to chilly NYC last Tuesday.


We landed at Heathrow first thing this morning and are both well but tired. Thankfully BA bumped us into Club World for the overnight flight, Caesar's passport was found to be all in order (as expected as I had ensured all the hurdles were jumped before we left Manhattan) and we were away from the airport in record time.


Think we both need a few days rest to recouperate... it's been an amazing three weeks, but it is nice to be home :mad:

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