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Recent Log Criticisms

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I hadn't read this thread regarding local issues, as it was immediately hijacked and moved here, until it was brought to my attention today...


I can't comment on any non-local issues that I'm ignorant about.


It seems to me now that a couple individuals are just attacking a certain individual.


It also seems that those making accusations are perhaps making assumptions about anothers behaviour, here's the original picture:




I was there when this picture was made, driving by at an obviously legal 79 MPH. And I have the tracklog to prove it! (No, wait, I just wrote it up in a text editor...)


Even better, let's make that 104 MPH...




(Or should I make it 114 MPH to be more believable?)


As for the off-topic direction this has gone in, the simple solution is to encourage MORE creative logs so people DON'T assume the hyperbole they read is accurate.


If only 5% is exaggerated then folks won't get it, like hearing a crude joke during a eulogy (an eulogy?).


If more is hyperbole, then the questionable content is more likely to be perceived as what it is. (Nevermind lost and buried amongst lotsa' other reading perhaps complimenting the land/property!)





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A quote from a now archived cache that was in the town in question-


blah blah blah blah While I have spent some time on your web site, and it seems your members are interested in protecting the environment, we are not happy about the promotion and encouragement of visiting our parks and land trust properties, unless they are indeed residents of the town. These lands are paid for and protected by our residents and are not open to the public. As we are short on resources, we have little means to enforce this other than signage

:laughing::laughing: Huh?


WTF? Thank God this town DOESN'T have more resources or they might have to resort to putting a fence around the park, a locked gate, maybe a card reader for residents to get in and maybe even armed security. Yeah, that oughta work.



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Why do you feel so guilty?


Some good points have been brought out by this discussion. Simply,


- Consider how your logs may reflect on the caching community.

- Creativity in logs is generally considered a good thing. Most seem to feel implied (or real) illegal behavior should be discouraged.


I’ve cached quite a bit in CT. I’ve gained a new appreciation for its beauty and the diverse group of people also sharing the many miles of trails. Though I have by no means met all the cachers in our area, I have enjoyed reading cachers' logs as we all experience the thrill of the hunt.


All need to be cautious when making accusations. The perpetuation of a witch-hunt with fragmented facts and implied innuendo serves only to divide. Let’s move on.



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