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Spinning Coin Order Info


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That's fine with me.  I will leave this open for one week or so if needed.

:D Great!! :D We have the same problem right now! :D Too many invoices at 1 time!! :P PayPal got a little low :P:D

I wished my Paypal was JUST a "little low".


With all of the coins being invoiced in the past 2 weeks plus prepayments on a few more, my PayPal account has done been drained and it's dipping into the checking accout!! :)


Good thing we got a littlle extra there over our monthly bill, grocery, & gas requirements or I'd been in big trouble with Mrs. Grid!! :D




D-man :D

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<looks around> <typing fast>




My husband has no idea how many coins I bought this week :P


Until he receives the statements.


Just last week alone I purchased just shy of $200.00 worth of coins :D . Now please realize that is only doing one coin of every variety :) .


Do lawyers except Geocoins as payment for court filings :P ????

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How many coins have been purchased so far?

I am going to do a count tonight. My husband and I have not spent quality time with our boys in the last four days and they are letting us know that. See, my husband has been on 12 hour days 7 days a week since Jan.2nd (no it's not because of coins :lol: ), today his first day off and I made him take it off because my son is out of school and I have been doing coin stuff (packages and then orders). Anyway, we have a day planned for them and so I am going to step away from the computer and forums :), when I get back I will start the count and post the results tonight.

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Coins are still for sale


I will be selling some on another site to try and up the coin amount and get closer to 1,000.


As of now I have enough orders to do 500 coins. I think (without looking) we are at the 450ish range and will add some of my own money to get to 500. I am sure some will sell at the other site to get closer to 1,000.




Edit: I almost forgot, the art work should be here tomorrow morning.

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I got the artwork today. My coin person was on vaction for almost 5 days (she needed it) and the coin plant is shutting down for over a week starting Friday so it was hard to crank out artwork when *I* wanted it. My coin maker has over 100 orders and they do them in order.


My sons has to do his reading then I will post it, give me an hour.

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Hopefully this will be big enough of a picture. The coin maker (not company) is using a new program for this coin.


There is NO hole, loop, whatever you want to call it at the top.


The outer ring will not be blue.


I have only sold almost 500, but we are going to buy 1,000 and what I don't sell will be the coin companys coins. I am putting 400 of these on a certain site to try and sell a few more.


These coins will be at your doorstep at the end of Feb. if everything goes right.


Activation will be through coincodes. Prefix will be SC.


Please feel free to make suggestions, although I do like the design now.


Here is the Picture of the total package:


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