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Why do some people take a travel bug and then it says, where it is : Uknown.

TB owners and cache owners have the ability to mark a travel bug as missing if they decide the bug is no longer in a cache. When they do this, the bug appears as 'missing' on the bug's page.


Also some people take travel bugs and then they never come on GeoCaching.com again, so people lose their travel bugs

True - this happens all the time. The good news is that sometimes these lost bugs come back, even after being gone for a long time.

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How do they get them back ?

If a geocacher finds an "Unknown Location" bug, with the engraved private number, they can grab it back into their possesion and then drop it in a cache with a NOTE.


It's considered "bad form" to log another found log just for dropping Travel Bugs.

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Also some people take travel bugs and then they never come on GeoCaching.com again, so people lose their travel bugs :tired:

That is excatly what happened to one of my bugs. The only logs that this user has ever posted was a grab log with my bug and then a grab log with a yellow jeep....both have never been heard from since.

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I want to gripe, so bear with me; I'm not the griping type, usually. I had three bugs out there in the great blue yonder which were dinosaur/godzilla looking things (anyone who met and handled Ugly Brenda know what they look like). Out of all three, only one survived (brenda). Even though the tags were tied up in knots with the chain, some unscrupulous people worked pretty darn hard to separate them from the bugs. They left behind the tags, took the monsters. Now I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt, but I find it pretty close to impossible they could have "fallen" off. One of them is my beloved Ugly Bob who is in the Cannonball race. Fortunately, the world is full of wonderful geocachers, and a kind gentleman offered to reattach another dinosaur to the tags. Unfortunately, the world is also full of not so nice cachers, as one guy picked up the tags to Ugly Bob in October and is still holding them. I e-mailed him and he apologised for holding them and was going to drop them in a cache right away. Never did. I sent several more e-mails but never heard back. I can only assume the guy is dead, so if anyone is heading out west, please stop by his house and tell the executor of his estate to drop off the dog tags in the nearest cache. :tired::blink::(

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