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Gps Waaaaay Off


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Hi there, I just waypointed a potential location on my laptop Garmin GPS18USB. I have never had this problem. I marked the location, my unit was accurate to within 2.3 meters. I had a friend of mine with a new i5 and we discovered that my laptop marked us 58meters away from the location. We got out his trusty vista and that was correct. How can my gps18 be so off? They are all from the same satelites. I can accept 3 meters, not 58. That's almost 200 feet.


When I plotted my house there weren't any differences in the 3 units. Just this location. Anything would be helpful.

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Except for your last sentence, I would suspect that you have the datum set to something other than WGS84. You might want to check that.


Edit: I'm not sure how the GPS18 interface works, but you also might want to check that you don't have it set to "lock on roads".

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With many GPSr's, that actually happens when the batteries get low. Did you try new batteries?


In rarer occasions, it can happen if your GPSr's satellite almanac got corrupted, particularly in a situation where it's locking on only 3-4 satellites anyway at the time. Most units have a "cold start" function or something similar where it rebuilds the almanac to correct this, something that you're usually supposed to do as well if either you've had the unit turned off a long time (like a month or more I believe but not sure) or if you've travelled more than a few hundred miles with the unit off.


Recently I had my unit on on a very foggy day and thought the fog caused this same kind of problem (even asked in a forum post here) and I am now pretty sure it was low batteries.


As Renegade Knight says, it can also be just how buildings and power lines are situated as well. For some reason, I am always "off" when I'm near my day job, and it turned out to be that factor (lots of power lines there because it's very near a major power plant).

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