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City Navigator 7?

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Looking for some auto-routing software... Kinda got an itch, and can't find anyone with City Select in stock (NA versions.)


I keep hearing that the CN 7 segments are "Large" but I want to know how large they really are. I have about 11MB worth of topo's on my Legend C at the moment, but would really like to add some routing capable maps. I could thin out the topo's a little.


I guess what I'm asking is should I wait for CN8, keep looking for CS6 or 7, or will CN7 work for me without having to constantly load segments? I really only need the Philadelphia metro area and a small portion of South Jersey for routine work.



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Looking at the MapSource map viewer for City Navigator, it looks like PA and NJ are two separate map segments (with Delaware/Maryland being a third). I doubt you're gonna get both Pennsylvania and Jersey into 24MB. Keep looking for City Select.


I was just looking on eBay and saw several sellers offering it there. If going that route, be sure to contact the seller and make sure it's new aand that you're getting TWO (2) unlock codes - and be sure the seller has good feedback score (over 100 points) AND a rating of at least 99%.


As an experienced eBay buyer and seller, If I were in the market for the maps and couldn't find them elsewhere, I would probably do the eBay thing. If you're NOT an experienced "eBayer", now is probably not a good time to get your feet wet there.

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Thanks for the info folks. I'll keep searching for a good deal on CS6 or 7.. (I know my way around eBay, but haven't been impressed yet at the prices I've seen for City Select, especially knowing CN8 is around the corner.)


Any word on when CN8 will be released? I hear it is supposed to go back to smaller segments. If it's only a few weeks away, I suppose I can be patient. Won't sting as much to pay a little more knowing I'll be getting the latest updates and have a finished product that (hopefully!) meets my needs.


Thanks again.

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Any word on when CN8 will be released?

Unfortunately the new North American releases have usually come out in late summer. Maybe Garmin will try to speed things up a bit this time due to the mess they made by discontinuing CS-NA v7, but I haven't heard any hints like that yet. I don't understand why they didn't keep CS around until the new version of CN is ready to ship.


You might also see if anyone on eBay is still selling the old MetroGuide-USA versions 4.01 or 4.02. Those were the only ones that support auto-routing on suitable GPS receivers (incl. your LegendC). It's getting a bit dated, but would tide you over until CN v8 is available, should be fairly inexpensive, and doesn't have any unlock code issues.

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Another option is to look for a Garmin GPS 18, which is a hockey-puck shaped dongle to turn a laptop into a GPSr. It comes with City Select (if the Garmin web site is still accurate). The 18 uses one of your two unlock codes, but if you only have one GPSr . . . I saw it on line before Christmas for under $100.


Edit: Amazon lists it today for $110.

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What are your thoughts on using the newer City Navigator software and data with the newer Garmin "x" GPSrs? Would having the loadable mSD cards reduce and/or eliminate the concerns with the larger segments?


Newbie trying to figure out what to go to from my ole GPS12.


Thanks in advance!

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What are your thoughts on using the newer City Navigator software and data with the newer Garmin "x" GPSrs? Would having the loadable mSD cards reduce and/or eliminate the concerns with the larger segments?

Pretty much yes since with those units if you run into memory problems you can just buy a bigger TransFlash card (which would be good to have anyway). If you have enough memory that you'd usually be loading multiple states at a time then the CityNavigator maps can even save you some memory compared to loading huge numbers of the smaller CitySelect regions.

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The mSD card should solve the problem, since with enough $$, you can get a 512MB card (and can a 1GB card be far behind?). With only 56MB in the 60C, City Nav still scares me a bit (at least with version 7).


My only problem with the x units is the newness factor. I never buy a car in its first model year, but time will tell. Garmin is not MicroSoft (where Quality is Job 1.1) :grin:

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