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First Cache Placement In Place

Broccoli King

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Hi all, okay I did my first cache placement today, it's in place and I think I am close to getting it right. The online form is okay and I think I filled it out right. And I hope I have it in a good place. What experiences have you had with placing your first or early caches? Did you have any problems, or odd things that came up? What have you learned over time to make placing caches go more smoothly? :antenna:

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Congratulations on your first hide! :wub:


I took great care with my first cache. I wanted it to be relatively close to my home so it would be easy-to-maintain. I visited the site on different days to make sure I had the coordinates correct. I brought a trash bag with me and collected trash from along the nearby roadside . . . :antenna:


Today, I placed my 40th and 41st caches. I found out the placing of caches is as addictive as the finding of caches . . . :wub:


I always take a cache or two with me when I am out caching or running errands. You never know when you are going to see the perfect spot for a cache . . . :antenna:


I haven't had any problems with any of my cache placements . . . yet, although I have had five of them muggled . . . :ninja:

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What experiences have you had with placing your first or early caches? Did you have any problems, or odd things that came up? What have you learned over time to make placing caches go more smoothly?


The only "mistakes" I made with my first placements was providing way too much detail on the page. I didn't know enough at the time to trust the GPS so I gave very specific direction as to parking and the trails to take.


I also soon learned about ammo boxes and they became my container of choice.

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We just had our first cache approved earlier this week. It was exciting. I was checking the cache page constantly eager to see our first log. It was like when I was kid on Christmas Eve. We can't wait to hide more.


We emailed a few of the finders and asked their opinion about how we rated the cache. That was our big concern. Of course we got a different answer from each of them! :antenna:


We are still a little concerned about the way it's rated but we'll just wait for feedback and it is winter. In the summer time the place will look much different.


Congrats on your first hide!

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:laughing: All Good! Had my first FTF'er at the cache today, and it seemed to have gone well, and commented that he enjoyed the hide. I feel good about giving back to geocaching for all the fun I've had, and I did not know how enjoyable it would be to create a cache.


Already putting my next cache together, it's a learning experience.

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cONGRATULATIONS Broccoli King, on your first hide and its first find. I hope you hide some more and have a ton of fun doing it.


Oddly, I really nailed my first placement. Write up a bit long on the history, but I had the sense to get the gist of the important cache details in the first paragragh. My SECOND hide has a very complicated set of navigating directions, like Briansnat, I expect. I've left it all on the page, it's kind of amusing.

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The only issue I had with my first cache was one I had kind of anticipated. The spot I wanted to put the cache wouldn't hold it. I had found the spot while looking for another cache way up on a canyon rim in a local park. I really liked the spot but my memory of it was that it likely wouldn't hold a .30 cal ammo can. I was right. I lugged the thing up the steep hill and found that my memory was more accurate than I had hoped. No biggie. I just traipsed around for another 20 minutes or so and found another spot for the cache that worked very nicely. Of course I had gone up the hill the hard way and then tromped around that 20 minutes the hard way and ended up placing the cache VERY near to the upper trail and could have gotten there with a much easier hike. C'est la vie. (That's life.) No big deal - I need the exercise. :laughing:


The cache has been in place for 3 months and has 23 finds. All logs have been positive and I've received notes thanking me for having such accurate coordinates. Several new cachers have just found it and 2 of them had it as their first cache finds. I checked on it a few days ago and it was secure, well hidden, dry, and well stocked. I'm quite happy with it.


Man was I worried when I placed that cache. Were the coordinates good enough (even though I verified them from various directions), would folks like it, would it be immediately muggled, would I get good or bad logs, etc. Turns out that, by taking my time to assemble it, reading a ton of info before hand, finding a fair amount of caches before placing one, etc. everything worked out fine. I WAS really glad that I waited and found quite a few first though since it gave me a much better insight into what I was doing with placement.


As for the original spot where I had hoped to place the ammo can..... I think I'll return to it and put a Decon container there - it should fit nicely. :mad:

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My first one almost didn't make it becasue one map marked the area as MWA land. Once that was worked out the game was on. My first finder spent 1/2 hour looking for it. y first one has lots of places possible to find it and several decoy piles. I made it somewhat tough on purpose, the same with my second. It has stumped a few. My third I made a easy hide but made it a puzzle. I've had a few compliments on my irst one.

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