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1/12/06 Wife & I Found First Cache Today.


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The sun was out today here in CT, temp up to 50, so we decided to try and find our first cache. It was cache GCH71V Big difference between how the crow flys and how people travel, in this case path of least resistance but most of the snow had melted and we could get to the side of the ice. 50 minutes later we were standing at our first cache. A large ammo box, well hidden with books in it which my wife brought 2 to exchange. Pretty nice feeling... We forgot the camera so will return for a picture next to it. Hope to do with all of them.


We wanted a hobby for additional excersize....This one will do it....We love the outdoors so fits our plans. We have a Etrex Yellow Basic and Etrex Legend C. Today it was the Yellow ones turn. Took me right to it and it was 1.65 mile out in the woods of lots of little hills and pines so no way to stumble over it, plus it was up in the trees. Can't wait for the sun to come up tomorrow...Last day of sun for awhile so we have 6 more picked out to track down. Age here is 64 for me, and enjoying every minute of it. Thanks guys and gals for promotoing such a great little hobby.


SwampYankee & CalamintyJane

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Welcome to geocaching! I have over 140 finds, most of which were done with a little yellow eTrex. You might want to add a magnetic compass to your caching gear and learn to use the bearing on the GPS unit to find caches hidden with greater difficulty. I neglected to bring my compass to my last cache, a micro in downtown Pittsburgh, didn't find it. :antenna:

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