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Phone-a-friend Geocoin

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A little over 400 coins are spoken for as of now. We will keep the preorders open for a few days to make sure everyone that wants in gets in. Right now we are considering a maximum run of 1000 coins at the most and that is including the Limited Edition "Red Hot Line" trade only version.

The 1000 number is due to if the sales go that high then we will add the PF prefix on the tracking numbers.

Thanks to everyone that has placed a order already and Thanks for all the great trade offers also which are still being taken on the "Red Hot" version....... :antenna:

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As of now, all of the invoices for the preorders so far have been sent out. Right at 500 coins are spoken for as of now.

If anyone has included a trade offer in their order they need to email me with it again, I might have missed it due to just looking at the sales information.

Thanks and yes I am still entertaining trade offers for the "Red Hot Line" version of the Phone-A-Friend coins.


The preorders for the Black version are still open as of now for anyone who wants them.

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I ordered 3 coins on the 12th and have not received a invoice yet. I resent the original to you this afternoon. I want to make sure I get these. I missed your other coin and am wondering if it is my email (yahoo). Thanks



Blue J Wenatchee


I got it and sent an invoice to you just a minute ago.

Let me know if you got it...


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Sorry for not getting back as of yet on the trade offers, I will I promise. As for a excuse, I have been switching over to High Speed Internet the last couple of days and every time I turn the cable modem on our cable tv goes fuzzy. What a headache!!! :blink:

I will get with everyone, truely I will!

I know AG-------------- <_<

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