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New Dancingfool Coin/ The Crow


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This is die art for my new coin

Just looking for interest for now.This thread is not really for pre orders since I have not approved it yet and it will be awhile before I have them.

They will be numbered but not trackable and I would limit sales to 3 per order

I am looking to produce 200 coins in polished nickel for trades and selling and

50 in polished copper to be used for trades only.


Cost will probably be $7 per coin. If the interest is really strong I may order an additional 50 nickel but will limit the copper to 50 only.

Trades could be anything I don't have.My list is in my signature line.You can send me offers but I may not be able to respond right away and please understand they will not be available for awhile.

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Thanks for all the replies.

Nomad and the Librarians

Posted: Jan 11 2006, 07:41 PM


I am curious as to the relationship to "Dancing Fool" and "Black Crow." There is a piece to this puzzle that I'm missing.


The crow is a nickname my girlfriend has used for me for years.I am drawn to shiny things.My golf buddies tease me about how many golf balls I find in the woods so geocaching seemed like a natural hobby for me.You would not believe how many pennies I find



Posted: Jan 11 2006, 08:10 PM

The crows & ravens are some of my favorite birds, and have a certain mystical/mythical quality about them.


I am close to moving forward and have only to work out a couple details.I prefer trades but realize not everyone has coins for trades which is why some will be for sale.There are currently around 80 requested and several people have already sent trade offers. If you want one of the LE copper you can send me an email and I am sure most traders have something I want.I will consider anything but I am partial to trackable or personal coins.Thanks for the interest and support.

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