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Corrupting Friends, Neighbors, Co-workers...

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I have corrupted my friend!! Im not sorry.

It did not take long.

Within hours of mentioning she could get a good price on a used Garmin etrex legend she was hooked.

She now has the unit, a charger for the car, and is going off to corrupt her daughter and grandson.

How many people have you turned on to geocaching, and do you know if they have turned someone else on to geocaching?

Did those people stick with geocaching, not have enough time, or upgrade within months of getting their first unit?

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I think I have my 11 year old hooked. She had to mention in class what they did over the holiday, and her teacher seemed interested in the "Treasure Hunting" she mentioned...so there might be one more...

My cousin's 3 boys (twins age 10 and one 14 year old) are hooked on diffeerent parts of it. The older one wants to make the hides, and the two others like finding them. They are looking into an (indestructable) inexpensive unit that they can have fun with...We ran into another cacher last weekend, we were the 2nd to find one of his new micros. Turns out he and my hubby and my cousin were all in the same class at school (long ago... :) ). So there is a ripple effect going on from each one of us, no matter whether or not we actaully see it.

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I invited my whole inside sales team out to go caching one Friday at lunch.


I went caching by myself that day. They all backed out.


I won't ask again.


I've been able to drag some of them one at a time out to go bag a cache while we're out on business trips in another city. If you've got a couple hours to kill between customer visits, it beats sitting in Starbucks the whole time, checking emails.

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It's funny, my brother-in-law introduced me to the sport a little over a year ago. He also did the same with RC cars, high power rocketry, scuba diving, etc. You get the idea. Well, this christmas we got back together and I asked him how his caching was going. He mumbled something about being "busy". When I said that I was approaching 200 caches, his jaw hit the floor. I think he was around 25-30. Since I had set up a new cache nearby requiring a waypoint projection, I asked him to come along for the hunt. He "forgot" to bring his old maggie with him, so I loaned him my eX600. I could see the wheels turning in his head the whole time. We talked about the sport, and I kept feeding his ever increasing list of questions. We covered the latest models of GPSr's and their relative strengths and drawback, the forums, GSAK, Cachemate, and paperless caching, google earth, M$$&T, using macs with geocaching, etc. When we had finished my cache, we went on to find 3 more that day. :huh: When he zoomed out the map and saw 150+ other caches available in the area, and I whipped out the palm and showed him the 800+ cache data points I tote around with me - he was done. :)


I had to go back to work the next day, so we parted ways :) He was constantly peppering me with questions about the new eXplorist XL, and I kept telling him to wait for the new year, for Garmin to announce their latest systems. Well you know what happened... He called me about 3 days later, as giddy as a schoolgirl, telling me he was tracking his new XL as it shipped from Tiger. :D


We have been in contact almost daily the last few weeks as he has rediscovered the beauty and excitement of geocaching all over again. Tuesday night he became a premium member, and I talked him through his first PQ, transferred it from the mac to the PC (don't ask - it's another long story) and uploaded the closest 150 waypoints to his new XL. He said "In one year, I have gone from the stoneage to the 21st century in geocaching" This was possible because of the efforts of all of you!


Thank you for helping me help him. It is almost as fun as finding a 5/5 cache.

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I got into this addiction about 2-3 months ago. Convinced my wife into it, then told my brother and sister about it. Now I haven't even found one, long story but the time will come. My sister is on her 5th or 6th one now since they got a GPS for Xmas.......My brother's waiting for the snow to melt, but ready to go. I got a lot of catching up to do, for being the one that introduced it to family.

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I am the manager of a cemetery and happened to notice a couple of strange fellows walking in circles aroung a particular area. Being the inquisative muggle I was I asked the two fellows what they were looking for.


six months later I have not only hooked myself but my wife son and grandson (He is only two so saying he is hooked might be a stretch)


Recently I spoke with my oldest son in Minnisoooottaa. He told me he has some friends who cache and he has been going with them. I may not be able to claim turning him on to it but it is interesting that we both have found a new hobby seperately.

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I've got one friend into it, I don't think it going to be an addiction, but she helped me place a cache today, and has been to 2-3 of my other caches.


Most people don't know what to think of it when I talk about caching. But these are the people who don't know what to think about my GPS either. :antenna:

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My daughters, ages 5 and 7, will take one of our old cell phones and play geocaching in the backyard. I'm sure my oldest is hooked. One day we were looking for a film container in a park and the conversation went as follows:


DD: Daddy did you look up there in that tree

Me: yep its not there

DD: you didnt look good enough, look again ok

Me: (grumbling) whatever

DD: you should look again





I looked......the cache was there


SO she thinks she Ms cacher now....

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I love all these stories. I just talked to my friend, truns out that her grandson just got his tonsils out, and they are working out the details so when he heads out, he can go informed.

Just by happenstance, his new scouting group is going out to geocache this month, I can not wait to see how much the mom gets involved.

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