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Garmin Gps12

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Hi there,


My first GPSr was a GPS12 (not even as upmarket as the GPS12XL). I started Geocaching with it and it was fine. The only problem I found was the screen resolution only went down to about 30 metres whereas my GPSMAP60CS goes down to about 5 metres, which makes it a little easier when you get real close.

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I have a GPS 12. Great little unit for geocaching. The buttons are nice and big for manually entering waypoints. Keeps the signal a lot better than some of the newer units under the canopies of trees. My major drawback on the GPSr is that it never goes to ft when your approching the WP. Modern GPSr switch when under 1000 ft. In addition it slightly bigger than newer units and take 4 AA batteries instead of 2. Mine is not WAAS enable, but not sure about the XL. Overall, the GPS12 is a great unit.

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The 12XL is an excellent recvr to start with.

Doesn't have WAAS capability but it will still get you there accurately. If you choose to get an external antenna, the same antenna will work on Garmin's newer models also.

After you've had it for a while you'll appreciate how accurate a recvr it is, and by then will start developing your own ideas on what features you want on your "upgrade wish list" for your next unit. (but you will also keep the 12XL)

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I started geocaching with a 12cx, just a color version of the gps12. Great unit other than the internal memory battery never held a charge and thus I lost my waypoints & route data frequently. Could be fixed but not really worth it since the unit is over 7 years old. I do still use it as a backup when I can't get my Magellan Meridian Gold to calm down under the canopy of trees. If you can find one for under $50 with a good internal memory battery I'd get it. :)

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