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External Antenna Repair

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I've got a Garmin external antenna that I've used for over 10 years on many many snowmobile trail mapping trips, many ATV mapping trips,as well as hiking trips with it velcro'd to my helmet or cap.


Because of all that use and abuse, I now need to replace the MCX 90deg conector on the end of the cable. It has a couple of the little "ears" missing and doesn't fit as tight as it needs to in my GPSr. leaving "gaps" in my trails.......I hate trail gaps.


Anyone have any experience with obtaining and replacing the MCX connector on external antennas?


I would hate to have to buy a whole new 27 antenna because of a measly little cable end that shoud be easily replaceable.


I'm in rural Colorado with few TV /Electronic repair choices. Garmin didn't have any ideas.


Anyone have any comparison between a GA27 and Garmin's newer, less expensive one. That might be the way to go? However, the old one almost has sentimental value,'cause it's been a trusty companion for so long.


Thanks for any suggestions


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I'd be inclined to get one of the less expensive antennas available now and keep your old 27 as a spare. The Gilsson sells for under $20 and Garmin's newer model (25??) isn't much more. AFAICT, they both have a little more gain than your 27 and should work at least as well and maybe a bit better. Personally I'd go with the Gilsson since it's a little cheaper (get it from the GPSGeek eBay store rather than direct from their website) and has easily removed magnets for use near a compass.

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Where are you guys finding remote/replacement antennae for such good prices? I haven't broken my V yet but it seems likely once I get it mounted on my dual-sport bike (need to map a trail system we maintain). All I've seen are Garmin replacements at $60 and remotes at $80. Using a cable between the existing rec. and ant. looks like it would go a long way in reducing breakage but with my poor riding ability I expect I'm going to need parts.


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I wouldn't put more than $5.00 into that old of an antenna!  You can find a brand new external (with warranty) for $20


I'm only 9-10 years out of warranty...you mean you don't think it would be covered?


Really, it's now back to my original concept, that I should be able to do an inexpensive repair instead of replacing the whole antenna.


Seems like there's no easy fixes ,so I'll just hang onto the old one for ocassional use and sentimental value and find a good deal on a new one.



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