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Which Do You Prefer?


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:unsure: which out of all GPS on the market today would you prefer :anibad:

Kind of a tough question.


I haven't used many GPS's so it's hard to pick from too wide a group.


For geocaching I'm happy with the basic ones. Legend, Vista.


For driving around a new town I like the new auto-routing jobbers (60/76cs) better than the GPS V. But I wouldn't throw the GPS V away.


I'm wondering why you posted the :P faces?

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I've yet to find a perfect unit. A Lowrance iFinder H20 would be perfect if it was smaller had a better user interface and did autorouting. A Garmin eTrex Vista C would be perfect if it had a serial connection (in adddition to the USB) and 1 meg of internal memory, unlimited waypoints and an external antenna jack. An eXplorist 600 might be perfect if it had a better user interface, mapping software and used AA batteries. A MeriPlat might be perfect if it were smaller and had a better user interface and mapping softwarre. A Garmin Quest II would be perfect if the screen oriented for both handheld and dashboard use and used AA batteries. A Garmin 76CS would be perfect if it had a memory card and was smaller and the same goes for a 60CS.


Every unit has its strong points and weak points, so its up to the user to choose which features are important and select a GPS based on those criteria.

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Like Brian said, there is no perfect GPS. They all have things that could have been done better. These are two examples that I can think of before coffee.

Magellans road mate does not allow for user waypoints

Garmin new x series does not allow loading waypoints onto memory card

Since I don't care about loading waypoints onto the memory card, the x-series is perfect for me :D

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A Trimble R8 with a TSC2 Controller. It's a bit bulky for Geocaching (can you say 'overkill'?), but with near millimeter precision, the ability to receive the new L2C satellite signals, on-the-fly data processing, and Bluetooth connections, it's absolutely amazing. It's my weapon of choice for work.


For Geocaching and Benchmarking, my GPSr of choice is a Magellan Gold. Mine is nearly three years old and still going strong.


... but a good Sextant will never let you down either. :D


- Kewaneh

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