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Indoor Geocaching Games

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I know you are a talented painter, so what if you painted a sort of "board game" with pictures of possible hiding spots for caches.


Then maybe you could have some cards with very silly, or cryptic hints, or hints involving word play, and the people who picked the cards would try to choose which hiding spot the hint referred to.


You could even have a picture of a pine forest and another with a redwood forest with a hint, "in the trees." :huh:

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Hi! We went to an event last fall where they played a game someone had made up called geoconcentration. They had several ammo cans and in each was a different item and the participants had to remember which item was in each can. We had to leave before they played so I'm not real sure about all the rules. There might have been two of an item and you had to find the match. Either way, it would be a good indoor game that is somewhat caching related.

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At winter events we've played a game where we print off pictures from several local caches and then have a sheet with the cache names. People have to match the picture to the cache it was taken from.


It's a lot of fun, semi-challenging and always seems to prompt some hilarious stories.



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I went to an event and when I got there was handed a piece of paper that had the list below on it. The first 5 to fill the page won a prize. It was a great way to get to know everybody that was there. Not everything on that sheet is here, but these were some of them:


Find a geocacher that:


Cached in another country

Has over 1,000

Caches with kids

Caches with dogs

found a cache out side the state

has the same car/truck/suv as you

has "Geo" in their geonick

that is new to the sport

uses a Garmin

caches paperless

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Hello All,


Has anyone designed or heard of geocaching games you can play after a dinner party? Of course these games can not be logged since they are inside a house but nevertheless it would be nice if I could find a game.




There's a "Geocaching Board Game" being advertised on geocaching.com now. I don't know if it's what you're looking for, but it's at:



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