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Palm To Garmin 60cs

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Please forgive me. I know there may be archives, however I was not able to get them to work for me.


I'm looking for a procuct software/cable that would allow me to dump my data to/from a Garmin 60cs to a Palm Zire. **That is directly w/o the need for a computer. I have registered copies of Cachemate and GSAK.**


Is there such a thing?


Thanks for the bandwidth



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Does the PDA in question have only a USB connection, or does it have a different connector? Most of the Zire models only have USB, and you're not going to be able to connect those to a GPS directly with a simple solution. CenTexDodger's link lists the Zire 71 as one (which I also seem to remember) has a connector which can be made to communicate with a serial port. If you have that model, you're set.



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