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Having recently passed the 900 mark I am on the look out for a 'special' cache for my 1000th find. Any suggestions?


As a note I prefer caches with good walks or scenery or unusual caches like Alpha Quest - Y which I reached my 900 on. :ph34r: Not too keen on mystery caches as don't have too much patience for them. <_< Don't mind travelling so an overnight stay would be alright.


Thanks in advance,



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Not sure which caches you have/haven't done (and with over 900 I'm not gonna check :ph34r:<_< )


Apart from the "Ring" cache as mentioned above,


You could try:-


Alchemy Quest (got my 50th there B) )


All Tooled Up (got my 500th there B) )


The Three Trolls (nearly gave up after not reading the cache page properly B) )


Light of Life series (not yet attempted B) )



The "All Tooled Up" and "The Three Trolls" are two of my favourite caches. They have been extremely well planned and the clue containers are all excellenty made! (Definitely worth a go if you're in the area)


Good Luck with your 1000th!!! B)B)

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When it gets replaced, why not try to be the first to do the revised Quest for the Ring of Power. It's got it all - caves, tunnels, mountains (and hopefully a new water based stage!) - would make a fine 1000th!

I'm sure that this cache is or was a brilliant cache, but the one problem I have with this cache is that it appears to me that the owner was not happy with the people finding it so wants to add more stages.


That is just like me saying "Nah I should not have put that cache there" so "I'll move it a mile or 2 to make it better".


That to me just spoils the original cache and really makes the point of setting a cache trivial; I could agree if locations became compromised, but not just to make it harder.


You never know, by the time you reach 1000th, the owner might have made it unavailable again to add even more stages.



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<_<:ph34r: Moote Alert! Moote Alert! B) B)


As anyone who has done the cache will tell you, it has a fairly weak stage 4 which the cache owner always intended to be more interesting/difficult, and there's some concern over the access to stage 5 too. I applaud him for taking the time to maintain and improve an excellent series.

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Come on chaps, there must be more recomendations out there?????



If you are struggling with the transalation, I'm sure we can assist with "Wildcat!". It is a tremendous cache, and I would really expect the kids to love the final part of it! It's not tooooooo far away either.


Email me if you want to know more :)

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Light of Life series (not yet attempted :) )


Light of life series is a great series - relatively easy terrain, you just need your thinking head on!


Cheshire Cachers loved the series becasue nobody knew who the cache setter was - Mutato Nomine is Latin for Name Change!


Plus the fact they the stages all came out at monthly intervals, and nobody knew when they were coming out... it'd be a case of - having lunch in work and the next stage would flick up, a quick phonecall to other teams, throw a leave form in for the afternoon and GO!!!


Great series for thinkers amongest us!

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