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Easy Gps Trouble


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I checked the first 5 pages of both the getting started and general forums and did not see what I needed.


Several months ago I purchased a data cable, downloaded Easy GPS and started downloading waypoints from the page, to my computer and into my GPS. I only used, for lack of a better term, the "list" of downloaded waypoints. This page was niftly because I could rename caches if I wanted, and of course saved the hassel of manual entering.


Fast forward....long story short, I am using a different computer now and downloaded Easy GPS into this one. Now, all I can get is a blank map page that if I zoom out to 500 miles, can find the caches I tried to download. I cannot figure out how to get to the "list" page. The Easy GPS/Topografix tutorials are no help. In fact, in the tutorials i cannot even find an entry for issues related to downloading from the web...all I find is downloading to GPS.


If you arent sure what I am describing, go to the Easy GPS home page:




The image you see is the screen I really want to find.


Anybody have any ideas?

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I downloaded the new version as well to one of my computers to find the same issue. It turns out that the list/grid view is no longer available in EasyGPS, you have to purchase ExpertGPS to get the list/grid format. I dislike the new format. Unfortunately, the website does not tell you this bit of information. However, the program is free, so there's not much sway in my opinion. I only wish they had been a little more upfront about it changing so dramatically from v 1 to 2.

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