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Buxleys Geocaching Waypoint

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As a user of

Geocache maps

I was quite disappointed to see that the talks between the site owner and Geocaching.com have collapsed.


For those of you that have never used the site,it was the best website for seeing the layout of caches in different countries imho.

Although the site continues (albeit in a very cut down form) using data from Navicache,I still feel that it is a shame that things didn't work out.


A sad day for cachers to be sure.

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Have a look at geocacheuk's cache maps and let us know what you think

Well, they are fantastic and I've used them plenty of times. But Buxley is a worldwide map which is easy to use - you can go straight to a country and see the caches, then zoom in as required, then click on a cache which links to the geocaching.com page. This gives a useful approximate centre point for a pocket query or search. There are other ways of doing this, but Buxley is great for the casual user who is just doing some initial research.



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I've always thought what is needed, is a google for caches. Not 'Yet another cache listing site', but more just a cache search engine, that, putting in your co-ords will give you a list of nearby caches, on ALL sites, with links back to the actual page on the site.


I even did a mock up:




(Dont get your hopes up, it doesn't work)


Geocaching.com, however are very protective of their data, as, well, they make there money from drawing people to this site.....However, there is nothing stopping people registering on a search site, that their cache is registered on GC.com, indeed, GC.com's terms and conditions say that a listers cache details, are NON-EXCLUSIVE to geocaching.com.


Such an open database could be benefical to all, epecially as GC.com has a tendancy to not be working just at the moment I want to find some nearby caches.


At some point, I will get around to actually getting this going, though, I admit, lack of knowlege is letting me down. Anyone know a good way of storing/retrieveing caches using Postgres and PHP?



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