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Anthus Firefighter Personal Geocoin - Gc Trackable


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**New Geocoin**


The Anthus team finally has their own personal geocoin!  Since Mr. Anthus is a firefighter and many of our friends and family are firefighters, we decided to dedicate our first coin to firefighters worldwide.




Our coin will go on pre-sale on January 20 (time TBD) on geocoinstore.com. This will be a public sale and there will only be a limited number of coins minted. All coins will be trackable on geocaching.com and will have the custom Anthus geocaching icon.  Information is as follows:

  • - Cost:  $7.00 per coin
    - S&H: Approximately $3.10 per order in the US (international shipping more)*
    - Limit: 10 per order and shipment / may make multiple orders
    - Payment:  Paypal
    - Coin metal:  Antique Bronze
    - Trackable on geocaching.com: Yes
    - Custom geocaching.com icon: Yes - Anthus geocoins icon
    - Color: Yes, as shown in picture
    - Pre-Sale date:  January 20, 2006 @ geocoinstore.com
    - Shipping date:  Estimated to be 2-6 weeks from the pre-sale date (coin will be in the middle of minting when pre-sale begins)

*Note:  Actual S&H costs are determined by the geocoinstore.com.


I will post more information as it becomes available. 



"conquering the world one cache at a time"


PS:  For those visiting our web site, I'm in the middle of a masive redesign and hope to have it uploaded within the next couple of days.

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Hopefully won't go onsale until I get home from work. Cute coin, gotta get a couple :D How many are you making? And are you up for trades for those of us that may not be around for the sale? Thanx.

I will have a limited number of these available for trade. This is my first coin and I want to make sure that I sell enough to cover the costs associated with the minting, the tracking numbers, and the custom icon -- given the low selling price of $7.


500 coins will be minted. Only 400 will be sold. The remaining 100 are for me to trade with (and some for me to keep, of course).


Those wanting to trade can post an email to this thread. However, if you want to ensure you get one, you may want to purchase at least one. I am in the process of making a list of coins that I would like to trade for -- the Jeep ones are high on my list (I own a Grand Cherokee). = )



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For those wanting to trade, below is a quick list of coins that I am seeking. Please note that I will only have about 50 coins to trade with. The rest will be sold and some will be given to the firefighters of our local fire department.

  • 2006 Qc BeerCoin
  • Aerohound (trade made)
  • Amo Can - GCC - Oct 05
  • Bad Andy (trade made)
  • Caught Red Handed (trade made)
  • Compass Rose 2006
  • Cruiser Dude
  • Dutch Geocoin
  • Egg Geocoin
  • Federation
  • Finland (trade made)
  • Frozen Bone Cache Zone Run 2006
  • FTF Dance - Aug 2005 GCC
  • GeoFaex
  • Georgia Stone Mountain 2006
  • Geowoodstock III
  • Germany Geocaching
  • Ghosts of Caching Past - GCC Feb 06
  • Ground Hog Day
  • JeeperMTJs (trade made)
  • Jeeptoysrus/GeoJeepGirl
  • Jeeptoyrus (shaped like Jeep)
  • JoeFrog's Famous Geocoin
  • Kilted Cacher
  • Lighthouse Geocoin
  • Maritime GC Assoc Coin
  • Northeast PA Geocoin
  • Northwestern PA Cachers 2005
  • Not Another Micro
  • NWPA Keystone Coin
  • Ohio
  • Ontario
  • ProTechcc Coin Edition
  • Rubicon Brothers
  • Selective Avai GCC - green
  • Selective Avai GCC - red
  • Serial Finder
  • Spinning Coin
  • SYF Steal Your Face (trade pending)
  • Team Sand Dollar (trade made)
  • Team Skirtlifter
  • Tennessee 2005
  • Texas Bluebonnet 2006
  • The Definitive GC Series - Geocache
  • The Definitive GC Series - Geocacher
  • The Definitive GC Series - Geocaching
  • The Fraher Family
  • UK Coin
  • Wisconsin (trade made)
  • World of Geocaching

Please contact me via this thread or via email if you have something on my list that you would like to trade with.


I'm in the process of getting an offical list together and will post on my personal web site once it is completed.



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Now that's a "hot" coin :antenna: I too am a professional Fire-Medic and would like to purchase 2 (two) coins.

Thanks. Please note that this coin goes on pre-sale on www.geocoinstore.com on January 27. I will post the exact time as soon and I know what it will be.



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