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New Personal Coin, Trade Only


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Thanks to the wonderful people at Oakcoins, I now have my own personal geocoin. If I had known how painless the process would be, I would have done this a while back.


Here is our standard coin:



I am hoping to trade for personal coins and other coins that I don't have (that would be most of them, lol).


Our main coin is nickel and we have a limited run of silver and some gold available for more unusual or le trades. The coins are NOT GC trackable but are numbered will soon be trackable on geocoin.net. The ring on the car side says "Caching with Kids in Classics" and on the flag side has Frivlas, OneAngryPuppy, and Lil Checkers, our family IDs.






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Has anyone gotten a reply yet???

They were at an event all morning so it might be a while to get a reply.

Plus they are known to cache during the daylight hours. :ph34r:



Yeah which is sometimes rare in our area lol.

LOL! Sorry I haven't gotten back to everyone yet. I was at an event yesterday and then astonishingly did some caching. Came home to a full email box. I'm plodding my way through responding. Thanks for the interest.


Laurie (frivlas)


edit to add: For clarification, the gold and silver are just different finishes, I don't don't know how they make/apply the finish.

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Oh My! I'm still here, lol. I had no idea there so many coin collectors out there. I am taking the next batch of 20 envelopes to the Post Office today. Then, it's back to responding to the emails again. Thanks for your patience everybody, and thanks for the interest!



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