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Upcoming Weekend Event Cache - May 12-14

CW Iams
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In the heart of the Fayette Cong (Fayette County, PA), there will be a weekend event cache tentatively scheduled for May 12-14, 2006 at Camp Carmel. This Camp has been operated in association with the Ten Mile Baptist Church Association and Monongahela Baptist Church Association since approximately 1953. This event cache will have several aspects including volunteer work, camping, CITO, caching, and potato guns and should be listed on GC.com sometime in February


The tentative schedule would be as follows:


Friday- Camping / camp fire / general socialization. Camping will be available in the Camp’s cabins, and there is more than enough space for tents. And if it is a clear night, you cannot beat sleeping out in the open on the Camp’s basketball court which has a remarkable view of the mountain night sky. Hot showers and flush toilets are available in the Camp’s bath house.


Saturday- Work! Break into groups, divide and conquer and get the camp ready for the season. Typically in the spring they organize several work weekends in order to prep the camp for the coming summer camping season. We will be working in conjunction with these work weekends planned by the Camp. This year's projects include, building a picnic shelter, road work, update the refrigeration in the kitchen, plumbing, and painting. On top of the projects listed, the camp always needs firewood cut and split and grass mowed. Take the evening to enjoy the area right around camp or even head up onto the mountain to do the close by caches, courtesy of Quest Master and Fishin' Magician and Flippin' Dolphin.


Sunday- Play! Head out biking on the Yough trail or swim/canoe across the river and attempt the Hampton Cache. There are numerous options for activities for people on Sunday including caching, biking, hiking, off-roading, and swimming. We can break out the potato guns or even bring sporting clays / thrower and shoot some clay birdies.


As for the local caches to the camp, take a look at QM's Liston School Road and look at the surrounding caches. Within 15 miles of this cache are some of the most praised caches in South Western PA.


For more information on the camp, please see their website (Camp Carmel). As you can tell from the pictures on the website, the Camp is run on a shoestring budget. Camp Carmel's coords are approximately N39° 58.003 W79° 30.764, so you can see where the camp is if you are not familiar with the area.


Discussion for this event cache can also be seen at the Trigo Yahoo Group (Tri-Go)


What you need to do now:


Keep your schedule open! If you think you be able to make or have any questions, please feel free to contact me either via clint@logcabinfence.com email or via the forums.


Further, as far as the work projects are concerned, if you would happen to have any contacts with the potential to make donations of paint or building materials, please consider approaching them to see if they are interested in making a donation to the Camp. Tax donation forms will be available for their contributions.



Clint aka CW Iams

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